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  1. [Jan 10] Training Raid

    Looking forward to it.
  2. [FEEDBACK WANTED] 10 Man Raids and TTS

    NA hasn't started these yet and I have asked people who are experienced with raids within the NA community and was politely denied. They suggested I just form my own group and muddle my way through raids and figure things out on my own. Do the OCE training raids show up on the calendar or are they more random? I am usually asleep during OCE times.
  3. [FEEDBACK WANTED] 10 Man Raids and TTS

    I would be interested in learning to do the raids. My availability for raids is dependent upon when I am working.
  4. Guardian: Healing Tank

    Debatable, fights take longer when your party wipes repeatedly, as happens in meta/zerk groups. You can't dodge everything, can't blind it all, blocks run out, skills go on cool down - Murphy's Law - if it can go wrong, it will. Yes, it takes a higher skill threshold for zerker builds, I know because I use them on other characters. Yes, you can mitigate some damage and help the team a little. All builds require sacrifice. Mine sacrificed damage to bring the best support. You claim your build can bring the best of both and it can't. It sacrifices personal survivability as well as support. Even then you can't guarantee you will go any faster with all zerks than you would three or four out of five zerks. Run what you like, but don't tell other people how to play. It's always been my belief that any player can run any build they want so long as they don't die (often) in it.
  5. Guardian: Healing Tank

    Primarily in fractals, but I don't change my guard build really because my alternate set is exotic soldier's gear with trooper runes (and 3yrs old). So, wherever I bring my guardian is where I have this build, but I don't do much open-world content with her since finishing map completion. I do bring her to wurm as a reflector and face tank the wurm spins. It would also work as part of zerg guardian build (in WvW), which was what the original armor set was for, but my commander would have had me replace the runes with Melandru runes. =P On more than one occasion you have benefitted from my guardian abilities. Zerk parties tend to wipe far more quickly and on the occasions where I was not the guardian our party would wipe multiple times. Everything has its limits in blocks, blinds, utility, or dps. This particular build adds a survival utility to the party, helps mitigate damage, brings boon and healing support, and the runes make reviving easier and better for the person I am picking up. I'm not trying to make it part of the meta, but more often than not when zerk parties get stuck my guardian has come in very handy.
  6. Guardian: Healing Tank

    You can find the build here. This is the build I use on my own guardian, which some of you have asked about. Most importantly, this build puts you in a symbiotic relationship with your party. This means for as long as your party is near you, you can tank anything. Because of Altruistic Heal you are able to keep your own hp up with every boon applied to your four party-mates (this is most noticeable with Empower - the staff 4 skill). Shouts I run a full line up of shouts more often than not with a few exceptions (ie harpy fractal). Utilities can be swapped out as needed, but these are the ones I prefer. If I ever need to swap out for Wall of Reflection I usually swap off Retreat. All shouts apply boons which will help keep your own HP up through Altruistic Healing and will cleanse conditions from party mates. Receive the Light: As the heal skill this can be used on the party and will also clear conditions. It can usually bring a party mate from 25-30% HP back up to full or very near to it if you catch them for the entire duration. Retreat: I chose it because it has a shorter cool down than "Save Yourselves!" It will also apply aegis/swiftness which can be helpful situationally in addition to clearing conditions. Stand Your Ground: It also has a short cool down (and removes conditions). Hold the Line: Short cool down plus condition removal. I like this one for protect and regeneration, which are also situationally helpful. This is one of my favorite skills at Mai Trin. Feel My Wrath: The cool down on this skill was recently bumped up, but all shouts have a relatively short cool down time and everyone likes quickness anyway. It will also clear conditions. Traits This build does reflect the PvP style guardian bunker, but traits are, of course, flexible. Naturally if you're not running Wall you can swap Master of Consecrations to something else. Valor Strength of the Fallen: Lose hp slower when downed and periodically clear conditions. As good as the build is it's not invincible. Unless you're getting beat in the face by the boss then the party should have plenty of time to revive you. This trait also comes in helpful during condition intensive instances. Strength in Numbers: Allies gain toughness based on your (effective) level. This trait does not stack, so if there is another guardian in the party ask what traits they are using that way one of you can swap for another trait. Altruistic Healing: Applying boons to allies heals you (81 hp per boon with this specific build). This is, in part, the crux of the build. With a shout like "Hold the Line" that's two boons for four party members and 644 hp that you get back. With a skill like Empower you will apply four stacks of might three times, so for one party member you will gain 243 hp and for all four you will gain 972 hp (plus you get a burst heal at the end of Empower for 2,748 hp - a grand total of 3,720 hp for yourself). Honor Invigorated Bulwark: "Gain increased healing power for a period of time each time you block an attack while wielding a mace. Stacks up to 10 times. Mace abilities have reduced recharge." This trait can be swapped for Protective Reviver. However, I use the mace trait during Mai Trin. Honorable Staff: Increases boon duration while wielding staff and reduces the cool downs of staff skills. This helps primarily with Empower, which is a major source of healing to both the party and yourself. Pure of Voice: Shouts convert conditions to boons and have their cool downs reduced. This is where all of that extra condi cleanse comes from. This trait can be swapped for any of the other grand master traits and I have often considered trying Force of Will in place of Pure of Voice when not in heavy condition situations. Virtues Master of Consecrations: Consecrations last longer and have a reduced cool down. Granted, in the utilities I am running "Retreat!" instead of Wall of Reflection, but this trait can be swapped for another, however I tend to leave it simply because I never have Aegis long enough for Unscathed Contender to work and in most cases Retaliatory Subconscious will not have a chance to activate either. Absolute Resolution: Activating Virtue of Resolve removes conditions - increased passive effect. This becomes clutch at Mai Trin. Indomitable Courage: "Activating Virtue of Courage breaks stun and grants stability to nearby allies. Virtue of Courage's passive effect triggers more frequently." At present, this is the only party-wide stun break in the game. This trait can be swapped with Battle Presence, but contrary to what the wiki says, once Virtue of Resolve is used the party no longer gains the passive effect of Battle Presence. Armor As you can see I use a mix of Cleric and Nomad armor. Originally I was building my guardian for WvW from a previous guild and the commander demanded the guardians wear Nomad (only). At the time that I finished my armor set Nomad armor was hard to get due to needing the recipe to craft it first and no ability to convert stats on armors or weapons. Since I was no longer part of my WvW guild I decided to cover the missing pieces with Cleric gear, which gave me increased healing power while maintaining toughness and providing me with a little more power. The greatest sacrifice of this build is damage. Runes I use Mercy runes because this also increases my toughness and helps with reviving allies, which is situationally helpful (primarily in higher level fractals). Alternatively, Monk runes (from Ascalon Catacombs) can be used for increased healing power and boon duration. Weapons Staff is a must for this build, but mace/focus can be swapped out for other weapons as needed or preferred. I prefer mace and focus for their blocks. Shield of Wrath (focus 5) is also good while reviving a downed teammate. Sigils My primary choices were Life or Benevolence, but Benevolence came at a higher recommendation for instanced use where the stacks would likely be resetting either due to deaths or to rezoning (like in Fractals). I use Renewal and Water on mace/focus and Benevolence/Water on staff. "Nourishment" I use the Delicious Rice Ball from the last "New Year" and any of the Furious or Bountiful utility buffs will be helpful. At the moment I use Potent Sharpening stones because that's what I have in my inventory. All of the Bountiful utility buffs add +10% to boon duration, but only the Furious Tuning Crystal adds to healing power - the others add to vitality or toughness. Questions regarding the build and its use can be directed to me here or via in-game mail (Vinesta is the name of one of my characters). I will be happy to explain in more detail to anyone interested.
  7. Happy Birthday....

    "The Malachite Arrow is lost somewhere in Frostgorge Sound... I think." Something to that effect. After groups puzzled over this for several minutes and waypointed multiple places we were given a second clue. "Don't rush to find me." Narrowing the search down to the quaggan guild rush area. At which time we were also given a 3rd clue, probably because we all searched the course and still missed Eury. "Skip to ma loo." Now, the last two helped quite a lot, but the first one was absolutely no help because it had very little to do with where he had gotten lost. My first two guesses were the exploration mini dungeon (Megellan?) and the jump puzzle. My teammates felt he was in the dredge tunnels, which is also an easy area to get lost in.
  8. Happy Birthday....

    I want to leave some feedback because I am disappointed. Planning and organization seemed rushed and lackluster. It took NA 2hrs to organize and finish Asuraball and 3hrs+ to organize and finish Assassin. Not all of the instructions were clear for the Race and some of the hints weren't even close to making sense and I can give an example. I did have fun with Asuraball, though I will say one team does have an advantage over the other since the East "goal" is wider than the West one (I measured with both ring of warding and shield of absorption). Happy birthday to such an amazing conglomeration of guilds. It was nice to see people turn out and the rewards were enticing, but the only fun I had was with my friends, not necessarily from the events (which were more frustrating than fun).
  9. This weekend we will do the Ascalonian Jumping Puzzles/Mini Dungeons in the Ascalon regions (Plains of Ashford, Diessa Plateau, Blazeridge Steppes, Fields of Ruin, Iron Marches, and Fire Heart Rise). http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Jumping_puzzle http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mini-dungeon In addition to this, provided it finishes in a timely manner, we will do achievement runs for the Gates of Maguuma story chapter from Living World Season 2.
  10. We will be doing an Achievement Day, so if you have any Living Story achievements you still want to get or a few JPs you still need to do, we'll do our best to help you get them. As an alternate to this, I would hazard to say all of us have more than one character, so if you have no achievements to work for and do not want to help others attain them then there will be an option to run Storymodes of dungeons so that your alts can unlock the explorer modes. Please sign up for a category if possible or perhaps one of the leaders attending can make subchannels. ~ Also feel free to suggest another option. Achievement Categories Jump Puzzle Diving Goggles Exploration (Mini Dungeons + Map comp/regions) Living Story
  11. This Sunday we will do an Orr event farm. We will start at half past the hour after Tequatl (8:30pm EST) and we will be in Cursed Shore. However, if people would like to try hitting temples in Malchor's or Straits that can be worked out. We anticipate this event to last around two hours to ensure we do get the temples at least once in our rotations. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!
  12. New DTOP Hours

    When they do the Dtop farm during EU raid times it's from 11am-1pm EST and at 1pm they do their guild missions. dtop.sexy ~ and the channel is easy to spot because it has a PG rating. ~ Also if you liked doing the Dtop farm this weekend feel free to poke Ivan to let him know you'd like to do it again. =) ~
  13. New DTOP Hours

    Times are in my original post and Inari translated them into UTC times.
  14. New DTOP Hours

    Bump - it was mentioned in TS tonight that DTOP has new farming hours. Here is the post again from the DTOP forums. =) Happy farming.
  15. Something Sunday - Aug 2nd - Drytop

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful turn out. =)

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