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  1. [AMA] Asian commander

    That's a TTS CO secret
  2. [AMA] Asian commander

    I thought it would be fun to do something like this since I'm no longer CO of OCE Ask away :) -obviously I won't be telling TTS secret-
  3. Are you good at hiding? (OCE Contests)

    Put decorations the day b4 then hide in them #exploiting ;)
  4. New OCE CO!

    Congrats megs :)
  5. Welcome Our New Oce Probie- Seraphic

    Your first task as probie is to make me this I expect it to be 100% accurate to the picture.
  6. How Did You Pick Your Name?

    Do I need to say much?
  7. Guide Master Post (WIP)

    maybe in terms of gear just link it to a raid guild website who updates it frequently. But fight mechanics are pretty stable

    WHEN: Final Entries by 1st December (UTC). Winner will be drawn on 2nd of December and will be drawn on stream! HOW: Tickets are 1g per entry or 4 ectos! No limits!. To enter, send your gold to merforga.1083, merforga.9158 OR merforga.4731. Ensure you have [TTS RAFFLE] as the subject AND your account name and number in the mail or it won't be accepted! WHO: EVERYONE!!!!! (except Probies and higher..) Winner will receive 70% of the total pot!
  9. Oce New Probie- Bunny

    Welcome our new probie Bunny into our ranks! Treat her well and keep her in check (make sure she doesn't screw up ;P)
  10. OCE new probie Rim/Gaedian

    We welcome Rim/Gaedian to our team! \0/
  11. OCE Community Meeting

    When: Friday 7th 12PM UTC Topics of discussion -Structure changes - Overview of what it means for everyone -Terror guild ranking -Timetable & Events - Day light savings - Mixing things up? - Other -Open discussion
  12. GW2 "Screenies" :D

    Wow.. All 6 :( can't even afford 1
  13. Declining NA Division?

    We (COs) are currently in discussion on what to do with the remaining NA members and their guilds but at this point in time it looks like NA guilds will not need to worry about active status - not offical conformation yet and more info will come a bit later-
  14. OCE new Probie-Meggly

    Welcome Meggly to our ranks! Hope everyone treats her well and send her 7 copper!
  15. OCE Community Meeting (Thursday - 6/23)

    -cough- maybe due to my laziness there is no home instance farm as well as trying to get ppl for TT in between >.<

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