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  1. Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Accidentally tried to kick rim from reflect squad ;p
  2. A Wild OCE Probie Has Appeared: Srouc

    -1 reflecter ;( = me cannot retire peacefully
  3. Back in business

    I am back in business for reflecting bois & girls ( actually for quite some time already....)
  4. OCE HOT Events

    VB all the way
  5. OCE HOT Events

    As for this coming Saturday OCE Meta events, would you guys like to do VB T4 Or stick to normal KOTJ > Octovine > Teq > Dragon Stand and finishing it off with Tickle guild missions.
  6. One Burn Cobalt

    Looks like some 1 had a little too much "FUN"....
  7. Delay in Tickle GMs

    Due to unfortunate circumstances and horrible lag at OCE today, tequatl tickle missions will be delayed to 2 hours before classic raids to 9AM server time. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  8. Black Lion Weapon Ticket Raffle

    need to check those out later lol
  9. Black Lion Weapon Ticket Raffle

    Congratulations to the winners, hope the next few black lion skins are beautiful ones.
  10. rachel i forgot to backup my teamspeak profile before i reformatted my cpu. are you available now?

  11. Black Lion Weapon Ticket Raffle

    I want a chaos weapon skin......
  12. Dungeon Night 2016?

    I could restart my fractal nights that I used to run and do those fractals that people need but finding a time slot however... Is another story in terms of OCE timezone
  13. Scary or Adorable? Gendarran Grandma

    Tequatl would be terrified.

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