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  1. Fortnightly Raffle Oct 19 - Nov 1

    150g ~160g.
  2. Fortnightly Raffle Oct 19 - Nov 1

    I like this. A lot. ;^)
  3. Fortnightly Raffle Oct 19 - Nov 1

    I might actually have to play GW2 to enjoy drunk Rachel singing. ohgod.
  4. It has been a pleasure

    One of the few times TTS members should rez the double downed :(. Good luck in life, MoS.
  5. Octodad & Mordymom beat. All thats' left is King of the Jungle gym!

  6. Dragon Stand Completed [Spoilers]

    RIP Modremerf.
  7. New Probie, WOOT!

    Congrats Wyverix :^) Always says that he doesn't know how to do Tequatl then proceeds to lead us to victory in two maps! We'll just not talk about that one thing that happened in north turrets.... right?
  8. Should We Gear Check Raids?

    I voted YES, we should. I don't even have full exotics (my shoulder piece is still a rare) because the damage between rare and exotic in normal game isn't enough to warrant the price. However in Heart of Thrones there will be needing that extra DPS and defense. If we're wiping already in full customized ascended gear imagine how fast people would go down in exotic? I think we should do two nights of raids a week. One for training people so they know what to expect and one for actually attempting to clear it. If you're training people for it, then exotics are fine. But if you're gonna attempt to clear it then ascended is gonna be needed. Talk about meta builds and whatnot is useless because it'll probably change after what happened with the beta.
  9. Vegeta's Top 5 Recommended Programs

    Something like this? http://totallylegit-drivers.thisisarealwebsite.ru/download.php?id=hahahahaha-what-a-sucker&filename=README.exe
  10. Vegeta's Top 5 Recommended Programs

    I'd also suggest NoScript ;)
  11. Adorable Pet Pictures

    I see your cats being cats. I raise you with a cat trying to be human!
  12. Lifesteal V Husk

    I'm actually leveling a necro right now just for this reason :) Condi lifesteal seems a bit fun.
  13. Achievements

    I sorta need help with The World Summit in The Dragon's Reach pt 2. Soloing the dragon there is difficult D:
  14. Freebies, Giveaways & SALES

    https://www.humblebundle.com/ often gives free games! Thats how I got my Metro 2033 a year ago or so :) Also if you enjoy Mount and Blade then I highly suggest you get Mount&Blade Warband. Its very intense and a lot of things have been fixed since the first version.
  15. What are you listening to currently?

    I WAS JUST ABOUT TO LIST THAT SONG BY HADOUKEN :( Guess I'll use my second favorite song by them! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfjuVCyzToY

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