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    With Much Love

    I should have written this months ago. I am very sorry for my unannounced departure from not only leadership but the game as a whole. This is nothing to do with my love for the community or the game itself. For a while, I have been struggling with mental and physical issues that came to a head during the break when I was admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure and signs of a stroke. I had been trying to get healthy by walking and eating better. However, I realized it was not enough and started to look at my life and the way I spent my time. I didn't want to give up you guys so I tried so many times to log on. But after starting a new workout routine I simply did not have the energy. Once I reach my goal, I would love to try and come back to play again with you guys. I apologize greatly if I have upset anyone. I truly loved helping everyone that I could. Many blessings, Rei of Hope Nicole
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    Serpent's Ire Guide

    Serpent's Ire Written by Trindine Images by Trindine, Mealla Fallas, and Phil Hunter In the far east of Vabbi, Forgotten zealots lurk in the Brand... It is up to you to draw them out and end their threat. The Serpent's Ire meta spawns every 90 minutes in the eastern section of the Domain of Vabbi. There are three phases to this event, with the second phase being most demanding on the group for defiance bar management and DPS. Phase 1 takes place across the Brand and consists of luring out and defeating five zealots. The remaining two phases are centred around the Ruins of the Mirror of Lyss Point of Interest. The zealots will attempt to channel an explosion, and killing them leads to the final Forgotten boss with his pet hydra. - Table of Contents - Setting up Phase 1: Zealot hunt Phase 2: The great CC test Phase 3: Boss and his pet Tips and Recommendations Setting up Event area and waypoint. The waypoint for this event is Market Ruins Waypoint, in the centre of the Brand. Players will require a skimmer mount to survive in the open due to the lightning effect of the area. Going down in this area without the protection of a djinn barrier or cover from above will cause instant death. New characters can most easily access the event using the teleport on the Spearmarshal's Plea item, or entering from the Windswept Haven guild hall. The event can be done comfortably with approximately one squad of 50. Players are split into 5 groups (4 groups of five focused on CC, and 1 zerg) before the event starts, and have the five spawns of the zealots marked for Phase 2. One will be found at each corner of the court, and one at the Point of Interest. Area for phases 2 and 3 with zealot spawns marked. Phase 1: Zealot hunt To start, players must spread out and kill veteran or higher ranked Branded creatures in order to fill the orange bar. For each 20% that the bar is filled, one zealot will spawn somewhere in the Brand. The zealots' locations will not be revealed until someone has attacked it to start its event, which will place it on the map for all players in the area. Zealots are identified by their champion rank and bright magenta glow, and once engaged will have two random ley energy effects like the bounty targets found in Path of Fire. Often, a djinn will be near the zealot spawn and will move its protective shield close to the zealot to help with the fight. There is an 8 minute limit to defeat a zealot after it is revealed, and a 30 minute timer on the overall phase. Players should try to spread out between hunting Branded, finding zealots, and fighting revealed zealots, until all five have been defeated. Example of an unrevealed zealot, and one in combat displaying bounty-style abilities. Once the zealots have been dealt with, a timer will count down to the next phase. Players should use this time to move to their assigned spots and prepare their builds for CC and damage. Phase 2: The great CC test From this point onward, the djinn will protect all players in the courtyard from Branded lightning, so it is safe to walk around. The five zealots will spawn in their fixed locations and begin channelling an explosion, which has an orange bar on the side ticking down as they progress. If this bar is depleted, all players in the area are instantly downed, and the event ends. For each zealot that is channelling the spell, all zealots that are alive will gain one stack of Defensive Veil, which reduces their damage taken by 33%. This can only be removed by breaking their defiance bars, which interrupts their casting and allows some damage for a brief period, after which the bar returns and must be broken again. As there are 5 zealots to start, at least 3 of them must be broken simultaneously in order for any significant damage to be done. The common strategy is for each group to use a combination of soft CCs (which do damage over time to the defiance bar) and hard CCs (which do direct defiance bar damage) to break all zealots as quickly and frequently as possible. The zerg will focus DPS on one zealot at a time, starting in the northwest corner and moving clockwise. As each zealot is killed, the CC group will join the zerg and move to the next one, as each zealot killed slows the progress of the explosion permanently. All 5 zealots must be finished off before the bar empties out to proceed to Phase 3. Phase 3: Boss and his pet Pek In the final fight, there is a timer of 20 minutes to defeat the Forgotten Ysshi Hessani and the hydra Pek Rakt Grag. Damage should be always be focused on Ysshi rather than Grag, as when the hydra is killed, as long as Ysshi is alive, it will be revived with 50% health. Ideally, a few players can lure the hydra away from the main group to reduce damage to both sides. However, if the bosses become stacked, it is not worth trying to hold off on Grag, because it is likely to die first from cleave and AoE damage in combination with Ysshi's mechanics. Every minute, Ysshi will switch between immunity to melee and immunity to ranged, indicated by a blue icon. Note that this is determined by the type of attack used, not the distance you attack from (so range type attacks at melee range will still be blocked). Ysshi has a defiance bar which can be broken throughout the fight for a short stun and damage bonus, although immunities still apply. The fight can be difficult to see due to the large number of players and effects in the area, and many of the enemy attacks will knock players down and away. Branded crystals send out patterns of fire, but are easily destroyed. Midway through the fight, some new attacks are added. Players standing in front of the hydra are at risk of the crystal breath, which gains the effect of miniaturizing anyone hit. This effect lasts for one minute but cannot be removed. It prevents reviving and mounting, and greatly reduces damage dealt. A bright beam connecting a player to Ysshi will warn players of a fear attack, which is avoided by turning the character's model away from the boss. Ysshi during his invulnerable "sparks" phase. Starting at 25%, Ysshi will go invulnerable for about a minute and begin spawning Branded Sparks from the far south of the courtyard. Players should break off from the main group and kill the sparks while others attempt to distract the hydra. For each spark that manages to reach Ysshi, he will gain a 2% damage boost. (Some sparks appear to spawn directly by the boss and are extremely hard to stop.) When Ysshi's Determined buff reaches 50 seconds left, he will quickly wind up and do an explosion strong enough to down players. This can be avoided by being mounted when it happens, or simply dodging. After the explosion, there is approximately a 50 second window to attack Ysshi before the next invulnerability phase. Breaking the defiance bar is helpful to increase damage and minimize the number of phases before the kill. Once Ysshi is dead, just attack Grag from behind until it's dead, and the rewards are yours! Be careful about the lightning that will begin striking again almost immediately. Tips and Recommendations Zealots can spawn very close to the edges of the Branded area, or on top of the cliff next to the northern vista. For more information on how defiance bars work, see this guide. Despite this being a Path of Fire event, many of the builds that use PoF specializations have relatively little CC. Alacrity is very useful to have in every group as it makes everyone's CCs recharge faster! The main sources of this are chronomancers and revenants. Recommended skills by specialization: Warrior: Bull's Charge (utility), Skull Crack (mace burst with highest adrenaline) Berserker: Wild Blow, Head Butt Guardian: Bane Signet, Sanctuary, Hammer 4 Dragonhunter: Dragon's Maw Revenant: Jade Winds (Shiro elite), Staff 5 Herald: Glint elite (double tap) Renegade: Shortbow 5, Darkrazor's Daring Engineer: Slick Shoes, Big Ol' Bomb, Overcharged Shot Holosmith: Prime Light Beam, Holoforge 5 Ranger: Rock Gazelle F2, Electric Wyvern F2, Black Moa F2, Shortbow 5, Storm Spirit (sacrifice) Soulbeast: Porcine F2 (such as warthog) Druid: Glyph of Equality (outside of Celestial), Glyph of the Tides, Lunar Impact (Celestial Avatar 3) Thief: Tripwire, Basilisk Venom, Tactical Strike (sword stealth skill) Daredevil: Fist Flurry (double tap), Hook Strike (staff stealth skill) Elementalist: Staff air 3, Offhand focus 5, Offhand dagger 5, Ice Bow 5, Tornado 3 Other specs do not help CC. Mesmer: Signet of Humility (in Continuum Split if possible), Offhand pistol 5, Signet of Domination Necro: Flesh golem's charge, warhorn 4 Reaper: Shroud 5 and 3 (double tap), greatsword 5 (pull) Scourge: Shade skill F4, torch 5
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    Crys's Cubs

    Introduction Hello all. I'm looking to make a new progressive group which will be known as Crys's Cubs. This will mostly likely be an OCE/SEA static, though we might run NA/PAC on the weekends but the timings are tentative. I am currently looking at Thurs 9 AM UTC and Sat 1 AM UTC. Sessions will likely be 2 hours or more. This post is mostly to gauge interest in a new progressive group. TTS currently has a few static groups but most are usually apprehensive about taking new/inexperienced players to fill or teach. What I am looking to do I currently have several veterans who can help out on certain days and I hope to be able to get some newbies to join for the other spots. I will be pushing for certain veterans to branch out and practice other roles than their mains so that they can be more proficient on more classes. With the other veterans, I also hope that we will be able to provide an environment for the newbies to grow and gain more experience on bosses. I will most likely be prioritising allowing newbies to gain experience on various bosses over veterans training up different roles. Doing both at once could be very disastrous from experience though I will be looking to coerce people to play out of their comfort roles down the road depending on our progression. Ultimately I wish to cultivate players that will be able to play at least 2 different roles and be able to do most bosses proficiently. Requirements No Legendary Insight(LI) requirements. However, I do expect newbies to have gone to training raids, watched videos(if you think so much about the bosses you started dreaming about them, let me know) etc. If you are eager to learn and wish to improve, I highly desire you. If you have multiple characters geared or different sets for a certain class(e.g heal druid, condi druid/ranger) then you will make it much easier for me when we're sorting out comps. Ground rules 1. Ability to take feedback and act on it. I will be giving constructive criticism or at least attempt to and I expect other veterans to do the same. I may be harsh at times, but I do wish you know that I want to help you get better and hope you do not get offended. Flame me behind my back all you want. I will also be taking people to the training golem to brush up rotations or try to get some other veterans to help out if I'm not too familiar with the rotations. At the end of the day, if you do not wish to learn, then I cannot help you. 2. Be humble. I do not care if you have 300 LI or have killed every boss twice. There will always be someone better than you and it is entirely possible for someone to be carried through so many kills. 3. Communicate and concentrate. If I am willing to give you 100% attention, I expect you to do the same. It is incredibly frustrating if I am getting someone to do something in raids and they still do not do it after I have repeated 3 times. Also, if you are facing certain difficulties with the raid, make sure to let me know. If I do not know how to help you, I can't. Help me help you. Note that this group may not even get off the ground if we are not able to get enough people. In case of this, I may be looking to do other things that will hopefully help out new players outside of training raids. I will be attempting to run this Saturday 1 AM UTC for 2 hours. In the event that we do not have enough people, I will be taking newbies to the golem and see how I can help with rotations etc. If you are interested, please put down your Account name, your classes and your raid experience, e.g how many kills etc. You may also send a mail to Crystalliser.3679
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    PoF Expansion Plans and Schedule

    Hello wonderful TTS members, With PoF just around the corner, please note the below amended schedule. Calendar will be updated accordingly soon. From RESET (00:01 UTC) on Saturday 16th of September to RESET (00:01 UTC) on Saturday 7th of October, all current events will be unscheduled. PoF things will be happening so make sure you hop on teamspeak and stuff and check out the new content with us \o/ From 7th of October to 21st of October: Schedules will be starting to be bedded down, meta events will be organised and much much more. Join us and help shape the PoF schedule moving forward! MUCH HYPPEEEEE Merf
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    Crys's Cubs

    As a veteran raider who is not on the meme squad, I am here to put an actual response because I am a party pooper. Acc name: eloqen.8297 (or something like that) Raid exp: regular clears almost solely as dps Classes: here to learn how to chrono/tank, heal druid, and improve ps if somehow we have a surplus of my other options. Do not let me be a pussy and dps.
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    Break Bar (CC) Guide

    Break Bar Guide By Addy Winchester and Inari Kamihara With help from the wiki... And let's be honest, Inari did the hard parts........ Gifs by Necrojinn Introduction What Is A Break Bar? What Happens When The Break Bar Is Depleted? What Is Crowd Control? Soft CC VS Hard CC Class Specific Skills Warrior Guardian Revenant Engineer Ranger Thief Elementalist Mesmer Necromancer Introduction Have you ever been doing something within the game where people start yelling "break" or "break the bar" or "CC". Are you one of the many people who either does not know what that means, or at least unsure? That's okay! Many players in the realm of Guild Wars 2 do not properly know about break bars, how to properly address break bars, or at least are unsure of the skills each of their classes have that are used to break that dreaded bar. We are here to assist in that understanding. You will become a break bar god. What Is A Break Bar? Well, first off, it's also known as the defiance bar. Rarely anyone actually calls it that, but important to know just in case. The break bar is a separate bar beneath the opponent's health bar (picture shown a little later on). Typically, champion and legendary level bosses are the type of mobs who will have this extra bar, though once in a while some veterans can as well. The goal of the break bar is to deplete it as quickly as possible; some bosses even have a timer that if you don't break it in time, bad things happen! (i.e. Legendary Brazen Gladiator in Chaos Isles fractal where he pulls anyone within range to him and does some serious damage, or Samarog in the fourth raid wing who will kill whoever he/she is pummeling to death if the bar is not depleted in time.) So what does the bar look like? When the bar is grey, such as above, the boss is immune to crowd control. This means your CC skills do absolutely nothing in terms of effects; it is a simple skill for damage. As the bar turns teal, it is time to use crowd control skills to deplete the “health” of the bar. Use those CC skills until there is nothing left! Once the bar is broken, it then turns orange and steadily regains its “health”. The bar is recharging, therefore your the effects of CC skills do nothing once again. How does it look with the enemies bar? Like so! Photo courtesy of Guildwarshub.com What Happens When Break Bar Is Depleted? When the health of the break bar is depleted, the enemy has been broken. The depletion of the bar interrupts, stuns, knocks down, and/or exposes the enemy. You, my friend, are temporarily safe from being kicked around like a sack of potatoes. For like two seconds. Yey? Exhibit A: Link to GIF What Is Crowd Control? Crowd control, also known as crowd effects and often shortened to "CC", skills are effects that affect actions, movements, skills, etc. Enemies with break bars are immune to such effects; instead they deplete that break bar as aforementioned above. There are two different types of these "CC" skills; soft CC and hard CC. Soft CC skills are skills that tick over time, slowly depleting the “health” of the bar. Hard CC skills on the other hand take out big chunks of the bar. Soft control examples: Fear, taunt, immobilize, slow, chill, blind, cripple, weakness Hard control examples: Daze, stun, knockdown, knockback, launch, pull, freeze, sink, float, transform Let's actually see the difference in the two different types of crowd control: Soft CC example: Link to GIF Hard CC example: Link to GIF Class Specific CC Skills Get ready folks, this is gonna be a long one. Warrior Guardian Revenant Engineer Ranger Thief Elementalist Mesmer Necromancer
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    PoF Expansion Plans and Schedule

    I realize you said you were kidding, but there was a vote. Spear's vote was counted but his choice lost.
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    Canada Day and Independence Day

    I heard someone say destroy stuff. Gotcha.
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    Tami Moon


    Hi all! I'm Tami, and I've been a member of TTS for a little while now. I joined up when I first started playing GW2, and left several months in, but now I'm back. I've been playing since late 2015, but took a break late 2016 to start my military career. Went to bootcamp, had an awful time, started specialty training, got kicked out for a number of health issues, started a different training, and I'll be graduating soon (finally). My schedule is a little erratic, but I'm on most weekends and afternoons. If you'd like to add me in game, I'm TamiyoMoon.8423. My main is Tami Moon (sylvari DH), along with Kiora Blue Waves (human Tempest), Xitaa Strionic (asura mesmer), and Skyshroud Felidar (charr ranger). I'm pretty active in the general GW community- I command Triple Trouble at almost every slot and have done so for about a year now. (Trindine-approved TT guides coming soon). I do most HoT metas, Teq, anything provided that I'm awake enough and not being lazy >.> When I'm not gaming or in class, I'm usually swimming, sleeping, or going to the beach. Pensacola beaches are pretty nice, but there's sooo many people there ;-;
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    Journey to the top of Terror guild hall

    I just want to share a view from top of the jumping puzzle in terror guild hall. It started with 3 of us, Bright, Epi and me. Bright decided to show us the jumping puzzle in terror guild hall. When we were half way to the top, obstacle happened. The interruption to Bright's connection was too strong enough to make Bright dc. To make things worse, I fell to death once too. But why do we fall down? Because we have to get back up and fight. I started climbing from start again and Bright also reconnected but just to tell us that he had to do weakling's stuffs like sleeping. In the end, only 2 of us made it. It was worth the effort. The view up there was quite enjoyable. Here are some screenshots ( Sorry, I'm not the best at taking screenshots ). Thank you to Bright. Sorry about my english.
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    I...I can't....

    So my old roommate joined us for a few runs back when I was a leader and apparently loved my spiel for training as well as the memes. Fast forward a lot to today where he started making some characters in XCOM. Someone please send help. Aliens are scary unlike undead dragon minions
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    I...I can't....

    I'm actually screaming about the bit with the 99.75 children, omg. So the real question is, when did the initial 11.25 happen?
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    GW2 "Screenies" :D

    Tiger Dab
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    Shot NZ

    Crys's Cubs

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    Crys's Cubs

    U sure? I've heard things about this guy called Ray that says he will turn up on tuesdays but disappeared for 4 months. Not sure it's the same guy.. But better safe than sorry. rooDerp
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    https://clips.twitch.tv/TemperedYawningFishDancingBanana Need I say more?
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    Who is Lazarus Poll

    i changed my vote and now i regret it. feelsbadman
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    Celebrities Roaming Tyria

    I play guild wars 2 everyday :^)
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    merforga [7:47 PM] hmm? [7:47] no didnt forget =p [7:47] @readycheck "@readycheck" doesn't notify the channel. Rip.
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    Forum Update

    The forums have received multiple updates across the board today, all aimed at improving performance for users on slower connections. Overtime, as we've added features - the forums became bloated for mobile users, and in general quite unresponsive. Changes implemented today should hopefully relieve some of that slow load, while maintaining the sleek look we've all come to love (hopefully).
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    Leader and TTS members derp page!

    its (hover over for code) it's massive tho :x
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    I Dare You Not to Smile

    Fearless leader @Merforga and @Carrie singing "Barbie Girl" live on stream for all to see.
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    GW2 "Screenies" :D

    Being carried through Jade Maw..
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    Hidden trophies in Terror

    I have hidden 3 Season 4: Bronze Guild Challenger Trophies around the Terror guild hall. They aren't in anywhere tricky, like hiding in somebody's decorations, just standard guild hall terrain. I also don't have anything worthwhile to give if you do find them, but if you want kudos, then when you find them, you'll get some!
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    Serpent's Ire Guide

    Thaaaanks @Spear Of Flame
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    Welcome to the guild! Just so you know there are Training Raids hosted by TTS 3 different times throughout the week. This calendar (http://ttsgamers.com/event-calendar/) goes by server time, or UTC. You can save it to your google calendar to convert it to your timezone if you wish. Also, as you can see, there are various times a week scheduled for guild missions and various, farmable open world events. Simply pick whichever training raid time, guild mission slot, or event set that best suits you (NA primetime, West Coast NA [aka Pacific, or PAC for short], or OCE - EU primetime events aren't currently active, and haven't been for some time). As for dungeons and fractals, sometimes people advertise in their guilds for those. Not currently anything organized by the guild for those, unfortunately. PvP and WvW are in a similar boat, as TTS is a PvE-centered organization. While I haven't been a leader for some time, I hope my information was helpful to you. Cheers!
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    [AMA] Asian commander

    Who is your favorite at PAC?
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    Hello all raiders! We here at the Supernovas (name subject to change >.<) are still recruiting more members for getting our weekly raid boss kills. We are a veteran group that currently runs 2 hour raid sessions, three times a week, with a goal of eventually compressing it into two times a week. We are pretty experienced, sometimes getting 13/13 in a week, but I wish to be able to get a more solid core composition so that we wait around less often and spend more time actually going for the kills! So here's some things we are looking for in our recruits. The first thing is schedule and availability. Supernovas is currently running from 2PM UTC to 4PM UTC, every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. For those not very familiar with timezones, this is 10PM to 12 MN for those who live in West Australia and Southeast Asia, so we hope this is a good timeslot for those who happen to live in these countries. Please carefully assess whether or not this timeslot is convenient for you, as I wouldn't want people to burnout because they forced themselves to stay up too late or to compromise their daily routine too much just to accommodate a video game. The second thing is experience and flexibility. We have been killing multiple bosses for quite a while now, and while we don't mind teaching people about late-game bosses they may not have experience with yet, we do prefer raiders who have been in the raiding scene long enough to have killed a good number of bosses already (around 6-8 across all 4 wings is a good target), AND have at least looked up guides for bosses they don't have yet. Youtube has no shortage of such things. We are also in need of raiders who have experience in some critical raid roles such as Critical Roles: - Chronomancer (Tank or Secondary) - Condition PS Warrior - Magi Druid - Heal Rev for Deimos Niche Roles for Certain Bosses: - Healing Tempest - Condition Mesmer - Condition Necro If you can decently play any of those four critical roles, we are more likely to pick you to run with us in the future. The last thing is commitment. We want the majority of our members to be consistent raiders with a fairly predictable schedule and a strong sense of commitment to the times. Real life will ALWAYS come first, but we would really appreciate players who can readily give 2 hours of their time in a given night for raids for most nights. Commitment is not something that can be determined right away, so this is how it will work should you wish to run with us: 1. Every player who wishes to run with the Supernovas starts out as a filler. These are people who help fill the gaps in our raid composition. Those who can fill any of the four critical roles mentioned above will get first priority when filling the group, with DPS getting filled last. 2. Currently we are almost always in need of fillers while we search for new dedicated members. So if you come to the TTS Raid Channel on Teamspeak during our raid times, odds are there is a role you can fill. 3. Due to the near-term need for a stable group of critical roles (and those who can backup those critical roles), we may prioritize fillers who can play those classes even if they are currently filling in as DPS. 4. Those who fill for the Supernovas more often as time goes on have a greater chance of eventually become a core member. Consistent attendance is key, and while I don't expect 100% attendance even among core members, I certainly expect something much, much higher than say 50:50. 5. We strongly encourage fillers to show up in Teamspeak during our raid times regularly, even if they don't end up filling for the group for that day. Showing up lets us know that you are otherwise available, and that you can commit to our raiding times. This increases your chance of being picked to fill in the future, and of course to eventually become core. Of course we want fillers to be honest when they put their names in Teamspeak during our raid times. Please don't "say" you're available even though you actually aren't just because you want a better chance of getting picked next time. 6. If we notice that a filler fills or shows up enough times in a given span of time (more or less a month), they will be invited to become a core member, whose spot on the group is pretty much guaranteed. Do note that core members ideally play the same role (e.g. Chronotank or Condi PS) whenever we run, but role switching is possible during times of attendance shortages or experimentation. It's worth mentioning that there is nothing wrong with remaining a filler. Sometimes real life gets in the way, or maybe you feel that you don't want to raid as often as we do. That's fine, and you are still more than welcome to fill for us when such needs inevitably arise. Around 1-2 spots on the group will probably remain filler, so feel free to show up when you have the time to run with us! With that said, the main goal of this recruitment thread is to get more core members. So if you have what it takes to raid with us, and you think our SEA time is a perfect match for you, feel free to send me an in-game mail at "iPlayForFree.1524". I may not have the name "Spicca" for much longer, so please don't rely on that name anymore when mailing me. When you do mail me, please let me know what role you can fill and what experience level you have. You can also tell me if you wish to eventually become a core member or if you want to take it more casually as filler. To those who were left out during the first recruitment round, I may have missed your mails the first time, so feel free to send another mail my way if you are still interested in joining the group!
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    New NA/PAC static group

    Heya, Torac! I'll post my info on here. Also, are you on Slack? That would help a bunch with ready checks, link-sharing, tips, etc. Anyways... I've killed 12/13 so far (still gotta get that Deimos, but it's the one fight I have yet to learn - I would be willing to create a heal rev for hand kiting as well, but it's a role I'd learn from scratch); I've also had consistent 10/13 clears for some weeks. Classes I play: I can do all three support roles (PS war; Chrono - either tanking or not; Healing Druid). The chrono is the one I'll gear up with legendary gear. I'm inexperienced with tanking but it is a role I do want to learn more in-depth, and I do believe I've killed nearly every boss as the healer at least once. For DPS classes, I had set up two different Daredevil builds, power Tempest with a possibility for condi, a condi Ranger and a condi Reaper. I intend to keep my builds updated as time goes by. But of course, it'll take time to adjust once the new specs + the update qT meta comes out. The time mentioned is perfect for me nearly every day. Would like to start earlier on Thu & Fri, but I'm willing to compromise if the group needs to start at later times.
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    Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    My laptop of 7+ years struggled a bit with GW2, even with graphics settings at their lowest or off. So for my birthday I wanted a replacement. I originally considered a big, heavy gaming laptop like an Acer Predator 17 but when I saw a friend's thin and light Dell running GW2 with aplomb, then I knew that's the way I wanted to go when on the road. Dell XPS 15 (model 9560): i7-7700HQ Quad Core, NVIDIA 4GB GeForce GTX 1050, Killer 1535 Wireless 802.11ac 2x2 WiFi & BT 4.1, Windows 10 Pro. Then I upgraded the memory to 32GB using Kingston HyperX Impact 2400MHz DDR4 RAM Then I upgraded the drive to a Samsung 960 PRO (1TB PCIe NVMe drive). Not a task for the feint of heart! I'm pretty technical and it took several days to work through all the roadblocks and several times I thought I'd destroyed the machine. I'm no longer a fan of Acronis True Image, but Macrium Reflect saved the day and worked like a charm. Nobody makes a M.2 to USB enclosure for PCIe NVMe, so you cannot image to a drive upgrade like can be done with HDs & SSDs. So I got the Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB external HD to hold & restore the drive images for the 2-step migration process. Dell Thunderbolt Dock for when at home, to give a one-cord solution for power, network, keyboard, mouse, etc. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum wireless and wired gaming mouse Corsair K70 LUX RGB keyboard for when at home & docked Twelve South BookBook laptop case (designed for Macbook Pro Retina, but the dimensions are spacious enough for the XPS). (Not Shown) Ultra-Slim Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub with optional power
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    Welcome to the team Ravens King!
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    It's been quite awhile since I tried my hand at pixel art. Since we start doing speed Teq attempts again, I have been increasingly unhappy with my Tequatl icons and had a moment of inspiration. Here are my proposals for replacements: Hopefully they look better than the dreadful existing one () and still read well. Edit 1: bonus (half-assed) Shatterer recolour, though I only like the silver one.
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    Saevai's Saviours

    Ok, if you are in the tts raid slack already and havent joined the channel please do so. If you arent in the slack group you will need to contact @Merforga to invite you, I believe the requirements are that you belong to the Raid guild but I am not 100% sure on that, hopefully Merf can confirm. Slack will be used so people can communicate easier, I can set up the times and people can give indications of whether they will be there or not etc. I will also be creating a spreasheet with everyones classes and experience with bosses, and availability. You will be invited to edit it so your own information is correct. We will meet Monday 5th June after OCE Events, 2pm UTC (please convert to whichever timezone you are in). See you all soon.
  36. 1 point
    This one goes out to my fellow crazy cat ladies..
  37. 1 point

    GW2 "Screenies" :D

    I found a Beast cosplayer, so I turned Addy into Belle.
  38. 1 point

    Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    I'm a fan. Really. No, really. I've been playing the franchise for over a decade and all my game time goes to this one game. Tried others, but this is my addiction.
  39. 1 point

    GW2 "Screenies" :D

    All the SAB things...
  40. 1 point
    The Teq Squad guild mission will run per usual. No changes.
  41. 1 point

    How Did You Pick Your Name?

    Dreamydark's been a long standing gaming name by now, I dont remember how I actually chose it. As far as my main go (and most other characters for that matter), Pur Rawrcket is a terrible pun. Here was my exact "thought" process. Im making an enginneer, Pure Rocket sounds pretty badass, oh, im also a giant cat? alright lets make my cat Pur because it makes sense. Now how can I make Rocket into a terrible pun? *makes a clawing movement with his hand* rawr...OH I GOT IT: ill just do RAWRcket. HAHAHA im so funny. Pur Rawrcket.
  42. 1 point

    New OCE CO!

    ... Nexforce don't ya scare her away T__T Btw, Grats Meggly /hug xD
  43. 1 point
    I didn't forget, I just didn't put it on because I don't think there needs to be a label. That is all. She is a probationary commander of TTS. :D
  44. 1 point
    That image makes me feel uneasy. Psssttt.... this is in CC, do you need a bigger fire?
  45. 1 point
    In all seriousness, thank you all for helping me through the probie process. I look forward to giving back to the community as a commander and will endeavour to uphold the values that made me fall in love with TTS.
  46. 1 point
    I just logged in
  47. 1 point
  48. 1 point

    Shout out to you awesome people

    We deal with a lot of...stuff...in the leadership and a lot of times it's tough. However every now and again, it's these little snippets that come through that make us realise that through all the blood sweat and tears, it's worth it. I'll update this thread as more comes through but for now, you people keep on being awesome: If you do have any positive feedback you'd like to share, feel free to submit a HR report or use the contact form on our website.
  49. 1 point

    GW2 "Screenies" :D

    Skittles AB! :D
  50. 1 point
    /hug =p Welcome to our family ^^

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