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    Captain Seyo

    Guild Condensation!

    Termination just got Terminated. Tri Trouble is Trouble no more. But what will we do without our Taxis? Our teleporters... OUR TWINKIES
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    When did Kantri become a chef?
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    TTS Website Banner Contest

    I mean... I tried. Honestly.
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    Leader and TTS members derp page!

    @Raven Paradox "Everyone flood bloodfly."
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    Shout out to you awesome people

    We deal with a lot of...stuff...in the leadership and a lot of times it's tough. However every now and again, it's these little snippets that come through that make us realise that through all the blood sweat and tears, it's worth it. I'll update this thread as more comes through but for now, you people keep on being awesome: If you do have any positive feedback you'd like to share, feel free to submit a HR report or use the contact form on our website.
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    With Much Love

    I should have written this months ago. I am very sorry for my unannounced departure from not only leadership but the game as a whole. This is nothing to do with my love for the community or the game itself. For a while, I have been struggling with mental and physical issues that came to a head during the break when I was admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure and signs of a stroke. I had been trying to get healthy by walking and eating better. However, I realized it was not enough and started to look at my life and the way I spent my time. I didn't want to give up you guys so I tried so many times to log on. But after starting a new workout routine I simply did not have the energy. Once I reach my goal, I would love to try and come back to play again with you guys. I apologize greatly if I have upset anyone. I truly loved helping everyone that I could. Many blessings, Rei of Hope Nicole
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    Leader and TTS members derp page!

    I got a friend who I used to play other games with to buy gw2 when it was $10. I haven't played with him much though because he plays NA and I mainly hang around OCE. He joined ICoa (BG Wvw guild) on his own and does a lot of things with them. Suddenly I get all these skype messages from him about how he's started killing three headed wurm and he starts raving about the guild he joined who does the kill a lot. I asked him which guild... It was TTS. The reaction when I said, "Oh yeah... I've heard of them! I'm one of their OCE leaders" was priceless
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    Leader and TTS members derp page!

    How the heck was this not posted already? Teq battery defense phase 1 or 2: "I broke a baby once" - Iona Battery defense phase 2 or 3: "I just got a PM from a character 'Iona Babybreaker'. Someone left the raid to grab that name" - ???
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    Cosplay Fun

    Commanders can't enter for prizes, but it doesn't keep us from having fun!! (Also not doing the proper formatting since, again, we can't win XD) But Beauty and the Beast!
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    Hi all, It is with great pleasure to announce that Kantriakhor will take upon the roles of 2IC and EU CO moving forward. Kantri has been a great mode of support to myself over the last few months and has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure everything is operating as smoothly as possible. In addition, with his new role, he will be able to progress a number of key initiatives and plans to ensure the other side of TTS while I'm at work and not as present will be able to grow and grow. I hope you welcome him with open arms moving forward. Regards Merf
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    Reflect and Condi Icons

    Topic: Reflect / Condi Icon Objective: To ease our leader while organizing Triple Trouble. How to earn it:- Capable of conducting training to all new members (knowledgeable to understand how it should be done for all type of professions) Able to volunteer as a caller in teamspeak (for reflect) Adapted to emergency (eg. Party member dead / disconnected & etc) Skilful (time management, split blocking / hulks blocking if require & etc) Why we need this Icon:- *Leader can select dedicated TTS member for Reflect & Condi from teamspeak instead of searching it in game. *The trust and appreciation for our TTS member who willing to assist to make this a success. Last but not least, is proud to earn these Icons but TTS member must always remember is not something that will last forever. It doesn’t mean your contribution is forgotten but it will be best to remains the Icon to those TTS member that consistently contributed to our guild as at to date. p/s: Your character will be inactive if u are not participate TTS activities for quite some time, your character will be remove from TTS guild too if it has been for too long (in game). Instead of arguing why you are not in TTS guild, inactive in guild or why your icon was removed, kindly reapply / earn it again. (Your body will not always be 100% fit forever if you stop exercise, right?) TTS guild is a kind and friendly guild. Everyone require a break sometimes. We always welcome you back to join us as a member, a friend and a leader. /Hug~
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    Yoda's bedroom of secrets

    Hellooo Since I was the one who made art section ball to roll, I guess its mandatory for me to start topic here. First of all I am hobby artist so my artwork is by no means professional level, soo don't expect good drawings here haha. I won't post ALL of my past finished drawings here but I will just post some of my latest finished drawings or WiP's Most of my works are under Creative Commons Links Artblog Deviantart ___________________________________ Finished Artwork⇩ Newest on top. ___________________________________ Original Character Fivian ___________________________________ GW2 Elementalist. -My GW2 elementalist. ___________________________________ RO Crusader -My RO crusader ___________________________________ Work In Progress ⇩ ___________________________________ Original Character Fivian ___________________________________ Original Character Aiez'al
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    Like I said, I don't particularly care that the icon was wiped, but I can see why Liara feels the way she does. We lost a lot of people in previous icon purges for various reasons, and it has always been a problem. This will be the 3rd icon purge in my memory and the same problems have cropped up. Your point on the icons is understandable. I agree with you that the icons were merely indicative of community involvement and that they should not be meant as any sort of "prize" - but time and time again, people come to view them this way. It is human nature, most people will come to see that the icon is a sort of status symbol, something to "work towards" and "earn." Nice symbols are still symbols, and people will see them how they will, and for the most part, they will always be seen as recognition of skill and dedication to the community. To have them unceremoniously removed, as I am sure you can understand, might be upsetting to some people for very valid reasons. TTS used to serve a purpose, but now other guilds have risen up that serve that purpose and ANet has built the game in a different direction which means TTS no longer has a strong niche to occupy. In order to adapt, TTS needs more activity and more focus on its strengths. This strength at HoT launch was strong, capable commanders and leaders interested in pushing (primarily) new content. Raiding and KotJ when it was difficult. As soon as ANet fixed the scaling on KotJ, there was no longer a need for high levels of organization. Re: Commitment The truth of the matter @Merforga is that there are very few people who think TTS is worth the commitment. The latest cycle of leaders and commanders that have left, and the current generation rising in NA (Pacific mostly, I should say), is only the most recent in a long string. From where I stand, trying to fight this natural ebb and flow by requiring mega amounts of commitment only serve to stifle any potential growth that TTS could experience and benefit from by people stepping up. See above about my point on the normative vs actual pull of the icons. Frankly, TTS has lost a lot of capable commanders and the caliber that is now in place sometimes does not cut the mustard on the NA side. This has negatively impacted TTS' brand, and I can only anticipate that the "2 guilds" requirement is an attempt to make sure that those with a commander tag stick around long enough to give a crap about their potential impact on the TTS brand. NA has always been a problem child in the sense that it is critical for TTS' success yet often does not have the resources or permission to do what needs to be done. The 2IC position was meant to address this problem. It's not a surprise the timezone with the strongest potential is also currently TTS' weakest because this has always been the case when NA does not have a strong advocate on council. NA will remain weak until the 2IC is picked and they can get down to work building a strong corps of leaders and commanders for NA. Because as much as there are many other leaders that could fill the 2IC role, it would be advisable to have them be an NA person. The catch? No one wants "the job" - even as they commit 3+ guild slots to TTS.
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    [Event] TTS Community Meeting #3

    While others have addressed some of your points and as a whole, I want to talk to this one here specifically. You have to understand that this isn't a job, as Ducky mentioned before, this is a volunteer position. I set the minimum requirements for a leader as that is what is needed to ensure the day to day running of TTS. Anything above and beyond that is up to the leader themselves to do, and to that point around "development and succession" opportunities, it is really up to the individual leader to drive their own development in a job sense as you've stated. While in a normal paying job, what you've pointed out is true, this is a NFP / Volunteer organisation. The mechanics are vastly different and the primary difference being the motivation to do things. With a paying job, you can motivate with money for people to take on additional roles and responsibilities, develop themselves and career. With a volunteer role, none of that applies. I need leaders to perform at least a minimum to ensure BAU every day. Leaders go above and beyond and are driven by their own self interest, passion for the community and desire to fulfil the shared vision we all have. tl;dr Standard business strategies for human resources cannot be applied in the same manner to a NFP / Charity organisation such as TTS. Source - Merf's 10+ years of managing national / multi national NFP / Charity organisations.
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    Website Overhaul

    Good evening friends, Tonight I have finished the completion of the TTS Website Overhaul. These changes will take some time to propagate over the content delivery system our web-host utilizes. (http://ttsgamers.com). While that link globalizes, you can use http://ttsgamers.com/?123 to get around the CDN. The general goal of the website was to slim down the amount of pages that were being utilized; while also providing a clean and concise stream of information. It features some of the newest web-design technologies; including rich HTML5 and jQuery widgets. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it, and as this is my last project for TTS - I hope it accomplishes all of the goals that it set forth to. Enjoy, Ailarin.
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    Do You Want to Kill Tequatl?

    It's been asked before, "Is there a download link for the song?". Well, I stayed up late last night to finish it, but now there's a bloody music video. Enjoy! http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/2zakbj/pardon_my_singing_but_do_you_want_to_kill_tequatl/
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    Battery Phase Lullaby

    Courtesy of Smeagol, because why bother with questions ;)
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    TTS Training Raids

    ~Intro to Training Raids~ *These raids are open to all TTS members - you do not have to be a member of Teleportation.* Welcome to Training Raids. We're here to share our knowledge and help you learn in the hopes of finding more people to raid with. Training raids are not intended to get you kills or clears, though with an experienced enough group, you might be able to kill some bosses. The goal is for you to become skilled enough and familiar with the mechanics to join PUG raids in LFG or a static raiding group. We offer several training sessions every week to work with different timezones, which can be found on the main events calendar. No signup or previous experience with raids is required, all you need to do is show up in the Teamspeak channel (10 Man Raids, under Small Groups) a few minutes in advance. Specific bosses will usually not be decided until setup time, and depend on the levels of experience within the groups and raid instances available. Most new raiders will start out on the Vale Guardian in Spirit Vale (wing 1), the Escort encounter that begins Stronghold of the Faithful (wing 3), or the early bosses of Bastion of the Penitent (wing 4). Looking at guides and/or videos for these bosses can be helpful, but is not necessary to join us. We expect all participants at training raids, whether new or experienced, to follow a few simple rules, in order to give everyone the best possible experience. *Be honest and respectful.* Raids are not like any other PvE. Raids are not PvP or WvW. Raids are highly difficult, with their own mechanics and specific gear, build and role requirements. The most experienced raiders in GW2 can clear raids using unusual builds and group compositions, but to learn the mechanics you will need to gear up according to certain standards. The learning process can take a lot of time, and you can expect to make many mistakes and wipe many times before getting even the first kill. Often, feedback will need to be directed at specific classes or people in an attempt to correct problems that arise. When you do mess up, don't be afraid to admit it immediately or ask questions on how to improve, and remember that everyone learns at different speeds. We also ask that you show up on time and commit 2 hours to a training session, and respect the effort others are putting in by stepping back if you are unable to do so. *Communicate and be responsive.* (Non-responsiveness = dead person and dead people can't play GW2) Every member of a raid team is required to at least listen in Teamspeak and be able to respond to directions, calls and questions from the raid leader. Using a mic is not required but can help with communication. All instructions will be given through Teamspeak, including the initial gathering, explanations of the bosses, and actually doing the raids. Although the general ideas of each raid encounter will be the same, each raid leader may have different ways of running their training, so over time you will get to hear a variety of opinions and strategies. *Always bring your A-Game, food, build and gear.* We require any character that you wish to raid on to be using a meta build. The most up-to-date builds, which are also the ones we most prefer, can be found on the websites for Quantify (qT) and Snow Crows (SC), linked below. Please keep your stats as close to 1000 toughness as possible unless you intend to tank, in which case you should aim for just over 1400 toughness. In general, the introductory raid encounters can be done in exotic armor, but you are heavily encouraged to replace it with ascended armor as soon as possible. Ascended trinkets are a must (except for a chronotank) as are having the correct runes and sigils. General stat suggestions for a first set: Warrior - Viper's Revenant - Viper's Guardian - Berserker's Ranger - Magi's or Viper's Engineer - Berserker's or Viper's Thief - Berserker's Necromancer - Viper's Mesmer - Commander's (exact pieces may vary depending on intended toughness and boon duration) Elementalist - Berserker's Link to builds: https://qtfy.eu/guildwars/builds/ - qT's build pages https://snowcrows.com/builds/ - SC's build pages http://metabattle.com can be used for comparison and additional info, but may not be completely updated. It is useful to pick up a Permanent Portable Provisioner from the Outfitter in WvW for some cheap food and utilities. Some tier 6 food is also advisable for more difficult bosses or serious attempts. *Know your class!* Within the meta, each class and its build has its own strengths that make them more suited for specific roles. Common Raid Roles: Tank (for bosses that base on toughness) - chronomancer Healer - druid or tempest Condi - reaper, druid/ranger, engineer, berserker Power - tempest, daredevil, dragonhunter, herald, engineer, chronomancer Certain classes are often favoured for specific boss mechanics - these will be explained in training. qT's build pages include videos of DPS rotations. It is very helpful to learn a rotation separately from the raids, as this will allow you to better focus on mechanics. The Special Forces Training Area, accessible from the raid lobby with a 10 man squad, is a useful place to try things out under specific conditions that you can set up. You should be familiar with any of your abilities within your build that apply CC (crowd control). These may be used to break defiance bars, slow approaching enemies, or pull enemies to desired locations. Knowing your class can also involve being able to effectively use your damage mitigation, movement skills, and other ways of helping your team. ~Obtaining Ascended Gear~ Amulet All stats: Blood Ruby Amulet: 125 Blood Rubies and 3000 Unbound Magic from Bloodstone Fen Jade Pendant: 125 Jade Shards and 3000 Unbound Magic from Lake Doric Fire Orchid Garland: 125 Fire Orchid Blossoms and 3000 Unbound Magic from Draconis Mons Coral Choker: 125 Orrian Pearls and 3000 Unbound Magic from Siren's Landing Limited stats: 30 Laurels from a Laurel Vendor in PvE 20 Laurels and 250 Badges of Honor from a Laurel Vendor in WvW Other: A Sinister amulet can be bought from the Silverwastes for 1000 Bandit Crests. (Easiest obtainable one requires going through the Point of No Return story from Living Season 2.) Accessories Note that accessories (other than those obtained from raids) are unique, so you cannot use two copies of the same item. All stats: Sparking Petrified Wood: 150 Petrified Wood and 4000 Unbound Magic from Ember Bay Black Ice Earring: 300 Fresh Winterberries and 4000 Unbound Magic from Bitterfrost Frontier Limited stats: 12 Guild Commendations and 5 Gold from the Guild Commendation Trader in the Guild Initiative Office (Postern Ward, Lion's Arch) or Stalwart Ben in either of the guild halls Rings Note that rings (other than those obtained from raids) are unique, so you cannot use two copies of the same item. This can be worked around by attuning or infusing one ring. All stats: Blood Ruby Ring: 100 Blood Rubies and 2000 Unbound Magic from Bloodstone Fen Black Ice Band: 200 Fresh Winterberries and 2000 Unbound Magic from Bitterfrost Frontier Gilded Orchid Band: 100 Fire Orchid Blossoms and 2000 Unbound Magic from Draconis Mons Limited stats: 35 Laurels from a Laurel Vendor 10 Pristine Fractal Relics from BUY-2046 PFR in the Fractal lobby Backpiece These backpieces are easily farmed from their maps and offer all stats for selection. Other methods exist but may be more expensive, time-consuming, or limited. Blood Ruby Backpack: 200 Blood Rubies and 5000 Unbound Magic from Bloodstone Fen Lava Skull Backpack: 200 Petrified Wood and 5000 Unbound Magic from Ember Bay Icebrood Horn Backpack: 400 Fresh Winterberries and 5000 Unbound Magic from Bitterfrost Frontier White Mantle Scroll: 200 Jade Shards and 5000 Unbound Magic from Lake Doric God relics: 200 Orrian Pearls and 315,000 Karma from heart vendors in Siren's Landing ---Stat Swapping--- Ascended weapons and armor can be stat swapped in the Mystic Forge with the following recipe: Item to be stat swapped Exotic inscription (weapon) or insignia (armor) of the desired stats 5 Ectoplasm Anthology of Heroes, bought from Miyani next to the forge Blood Ruby trinkets can have their stats reset using a Bloodstone Capacitor, bought for 100 Unbound Magic in Bloodstone Fen.
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    http://imgur.com/a/j7Gxe Amerikajinn.4635
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    King of the Jungle Guide!

    KotJ (Chak Gerent) Guide By Raven Paradox and Addy Winchester [source: Guild Wars 2 wiki] Introduction Lanes and Mechanics Ogre Lane Nuhoch Lane Rata Novus Lane SCAR Lane Chak Rush Chak Gerent Attacks Extra Tips Introduction King of the Jungle, also known as the Chak Gerent, is the meta event inside Tangled Depths that can be accessed via the Heart of Thorns expansion. The fight is similar to Triple Trouble in that you need to split the map zerg into 4 different groups, each fighting their own boss that has the similar mechanics as the other. The difference between each lane is, like Triple Trouble, the mechanic you must complete in order to proc a phase in which you can attack and kill the boss. There are 4 lanes with 4 different mechanics and 4 Chak Gerent's that must be killed in the allotted time. There are a total of 3 "mechanic" phases that last 2 minutes each per Lane. After each mechanic, assuming the phase was successful, will proc a 3 minute fight phase with the Gerent. This boss was introduced when the Heart of Thorns expansion was released, and has been tweaked to be much easier than when previously launched. Lanes and Mechanics The 4 lanes are: Ogre Lane, Nuhoch Lane, Rata Novus Lane, and SCAR Lane. Each lane has it's own unique mechanic, but the Gerents are all essentially the same (besides tweaks from scaling). Each lane should have roughly 18-20 people to prevent scaling issues or other lanes lacking numbers (as each IP can hold roughly 80 people onto Tangled Depths). Each lane should have it's own commander for squad purposes and to show everyone on the map that there are numbers at each lane. During each lane's mechanic, you must fill the bar at least once (Level 0) to proc a fight with the Gerent. Failure to do so involves in failure of the entire meta event. You can continuously fill the bar multiple times (as signaled by "levels") to make the fight phase easier depending on each lane. Assuming you have proc'd enough levels, it is worth trying to get to the Gerent by the time the clock hits zero in the mechanic phase. There isn't a need to increase the lane's level by more than 5, as each weakness caps at 5. Also, be cautious that each mechanic phase has a Chak Rush, where Chak will spawn and blindly rush to the cannon to try to destroy it. Ogre Lane Ogre Lane has an easy mechanic, but the Gerent appears to have more health than any other lane, making it no easy task. The mechanic involves destroying Chak Eggs (such as pictured to the right) continuously to fill the bar. You may need to be cautious of some of the Chak that spawn throughout the mechanic, as some of these are Chak Bracers that can only be killed by breaking their break bar with Crowd Control skills. Leaving some alive can have them put their protective shield on the Gerent, causing the event to ultimately fail because all your attacks will deal no damage to the Gerent if a Bracer is protecting it. There are Ogre Egg Smashers that spawn at each lane, but heavy DPS will be much more useful, especially AoEs. Your best bet is to have everyone spread out evenly so all eggs can be covered. The more you fill the bar during the mechanic the more stacks of "Angry and Vulnerable" appear. This maxes at 5 stacks. Each stack appears to be normal stacks of vulnerability that stacks with regular vulnerability. Nuhoch Lane Nuhoch Lane has the most difficult mechanic, and is often the reason this event fails. You will notice at Nuhoch there are a bunch of giant mushrooms above you. You need to separate the zerg so there are roughly 1-2 people on top of each purple mushroom. During the mechanic phase, the purple mushrooms will spawn nodules. You need to run up to each nodule and stomp them (by pressing F). Stomping them however will occasionally spawn sporlings, ranking from normal mobs to elites (depending on scale). Sporlings have knockbacks and pulls that can knock you off your mushroom. The stun from the knockback lasts longer than your ability to deploy your glider, likely resulting in your death. Stabilities and stun breaks work wonders in this lane, but proper positioning can also help prevent you from being knocked off the mushroom. After stomping the nodules, you will want to see if any other set of nodules are not being stomped, or slay the sporlings on your mushroom. It is good to move if needed but you do not want to completely abandon your mushroom as more nodules will spawn eventually. Continue stomping until you have reached at least level 0 to proc your burn phase. Increasing the level during Nuhoch spawns more friendly chak that will attack the Gerent, giving them opportunities to apply more "goop" onto the Gerent, which will eventually proc the "Covered in Goop" debuff on the Gerent, making him take a lot more damage. It is also worth noting that at this lane specifically you want to make sure you are positioning yourself correctly during the Gerent fight. Since it's harder to fill the mechanic bar at this lane, you want to have the chak charge in your advantage by positioning yourself between him and the cannon. Being on the wrong side of the Gerent can cause him to charge or move towards you, making it so he is further away from the next set of nodules during the next mechanic phase, which results in risk of failure if people do not head back early before the mechanic phase begins. The friendly Chak will add stacks of "Goop" on the Gerent, making their attacks deal more damage and slows the Gerent's movement. At 10 stacks, the goop debuffs are removed and change to a debuff called "Covered in Goop", which immobilizes the Gerent and he will take 150% damage. Rata Novus Lane Rata Novus Lane is likely the easiest lane. Your job is to destroy Ley Energy collectors (pictured to the right). Destroying them will cause Ley Energy to shoot out and land randomly in the area. You need to pick up the Ley Energy and use the 1 skill to throw them into the AoE circle around the golem laying on the ground to fill the bar. Chak will try to kill you, but with enough numbers they hardly are a problem. Just be sure to focus on throwing the Ley Energy into the Golem to fill the bar. NOTE: There is never a need to break the breakbar at Rata Novus. The AoE circles (falling rocks) never actually do any damage. The Chak is stationary. His tail can still hurt, but as long as you avoid that, you can camp in the AoE circles and it will not hurt you. The only time you should break the bar is after about 25 seconds of entering this phase, because at about 30 seconds the Gerent will break the bar on his own and you will not get the extra 5 seconds of increased damage when he is stunned. Increasing the level of this lane grants more "Auxiliary Power Charge" buff. At 5 stacks, the Golem adds more firepower. SCAR Lane SCAR lane just involves killing Chak over and over again, but the Gerent is much different in that it often gets interrupted, causing him to move all over the place. The Mechanic involves protecting the Charr around the Sonic Generator from the Chak. Spread out evenly in all directions to defend the Charr and making sure they do not go down. Keeping them up 100% of the time gives you automatically level 4. The sonic generator will stun the Gerent. However, when it stuns the Gerent, it simply stops the Gerent from continuing his action, rather than add the traditional stuns. He will interrupt the breakbar phase, but not actually break his bar. He can interrupt his swipes and charges as well. Be cautious when fighting this Gerent because since he does get his breakbar interrupted, he generally drops the most Purple Rings. Positioning is very important at SCAR as well, since he does charge the most. During the final phase, the Chak Gerent can charge into the cannon, potentially destroying it if positioning is poor. Increasing the level at the SCAR lane will cause the megathumper to interrupt the Chak Gerent more periodically. It may actually be more beneficial to not increase the level, but this often requires coordination as most people tend to mindlessly kill all the Chak, and the bar will increase on it's own if the Chak are continuously killed and the Charr remain alive. Just be aware during the fight that he may start an animation but stop before actually finishing his attack. He will permanently have a debuff on him during the fight called "Sonic Overload". This debuff has a countdown timer on it. When the countdown finishes, it will daze the gerent and completely stop it's animation for a few seconds. The buff is automatically re-applied when it is removed with a new timer. Increasing the level of this lane decreases the countdown on "Sonic Overload". Chak Rush A Chak rush will spawn during each mechanic phase. During the first mechanic phase, a group of Chak will rush to the cannon. This is a separate event, but will ignore everything and rush to the cannon. They generally suicide on the cannon, dealing some damage to it. Failing a Chak Rush can also lower the overall meta reward, so these need to be dealt with. They rush right through the middle of the lane, so they generally can be killed while doing the mechanic. The only exception is Nuhoch, since most players will be stomping Nodules. So a group generally will need to focus on dealing with the rush. You will be notified when a Chak rush starts. Chak Rushes start at the same time for all 4 lanes. The spawn time for each mechanic phase is 0:57 remaining in the first mechanic, 1:27 remaining for the second mechanic, and 1:57 remaining during the final mechanic. Chak Gerent Attacks The Chak Gerent has five different attacks that he does throughout the event. All of them are described in detail below along with gifs. Swipe The Gerent will swipe with his claws. Getting hit by this attack deals moderate damage and will knock you back, interrupting your action. Survivable at full health. Charge (Lunge) The Gerent will pick a target much like the Triple Trouble wurms during phase 2 and charge at them. Like Triple Trouble, getting hit by this attack will likely down you and will knock you backwards. Be careful, the attack is not linked to his actual hit box. This is a projectile attack and his body just tries to follow it. If the charge gets obstructed, you may still be hit by this attack despite not being hit by the Gerent's body. As mentioned, this attack will likely down you if struck by it, and can hit you multiple times in one charge. Evade The Chak Gerent simply evades by moving to the left or right in a quarter circle motion. All attacks receive the "evaded" notification and deal no damage, as if a player was evading. This animation is very similar to Karka in Southsun Cove when they evade attacks. Tail Slam (Breakbar Phase) The Chak Gerent will continuously stomp the ground with his tail, causing tons of AoE circles to appear. Both these AoEs (except at Rata Novus) and the tail can deal a lot of damage if you get hit and will knock you down for 3-5 seconds, making them very dangerous to be hit by. In Full zerker gear, this can likely down you in 1 hit. However, that may be more beneficial than if you do not have a stunbreaker, as you will likely be stun locked too long to survive the rockfalls in any gear. As long as your teammates can res you swiftly, it may be easier to accept the downstate and be revived. It is also best to NOT break the breakbar instantly. The Chak Gerent is stationary during this phase, meaning he camps inside any AoEs, so high damage attacks like Meteor Shower or Wells do a lot more damage than if the Chak Gerent was charging and evading around. However, after 25-30 seconds, the Gerent will break out of this phase on his own. At roughly 20-25 seconds into the breakbar phase, it is best to break his bar and stun him, enabling a bit more damage and 5 seconds extra of a stunned Gerent without the rockfall. Note that Pheromone clouds also do not spawn during this phase (but may spawn at the same time that he enters the phase). Having an increased break bar phase will also prevent too many Pheromone clouds from spawning, which are very dangerous. Purple Donuts/Doughnuts (Pheromone Clouds) These spawn randomly, and the Gerent has no animation to signal a spawn. Be very cautious of these, as being inside of them will cause you to lose a lot of health very fast. They grow 3x in size before fading away. Call these out if you see them. Also be cautious that they can be placed on walls, making them hard to see, or in terrain that makes it hard to notice them on different graphics settings. Extra Tips 1) As with most world bosses, once you feel comfortable with the mechanics of the fight, it is best to go full DPS. The more DPS, the faster the kills are, and the easier it is to succeed. 2) Positioning, as with many boss fights, is key. You want to make sure the Chak Gerent fight phase will finish relatively close to the 2nd mechanic area. If it's too far away, especially at Nuhoch lane, you will need to run back before the fight phase finishes to ensure success at the mechanic phase. Use the charges that the Gerent does to your advantage, and try to be positioned between the cannon and the Gerent in the first and second mechanic phases (Phase 3 won't matter). 3) During the second and third mechanic phase, if you get hit by the Gerent while he's underground he will knock you back and deal massive amounts of damage to you. Sometimes your character can be knocked into his path, causing you to be hit multiple times by this and perhaps even kill you. 4) If you die at anytime, assuming you have access to Nuhoch Wallows (Nuhoch Master level 2), there are 4 waypoints, 1 per lane, you can use to easily return to the fight during the first and second fight phase and mechanic phase. Typically the Ley Line Confluence Waypoint is faster if you happen to perish during the 3rd mechanic and/or fight phase. During this fight there is absolutely no time to res fully dead people. You need to be running back. Ressing a full dead person also makes you an enabler, and just as bad as someone sitting there dead. Do not res fully dead, and do not sit there dead expecting a res. 5) The Gerent's do not need to die at the same time like Octovine or Phase 1 Triple Trouble. They just need to be killed before the third and final fight phase ends. You can kill them at anytime. 6) Like most world bosses, despite the fact the Gerent goes invulnerable, it does not remove conditions when going invulnerable. Having massive amounts of condi's can kill the Gerent during the mechanic phase. 7) Since this fight consists of moving around a lot and not stacking, it can be difficult to provide group buffs. It's still worth bringing them, but everyone should also be able to provide their own buffs if needed.
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    Leader and TTS members derp page!

    My PTT key has recently been rebound to Alt. I used my F4 shatter skill while talking. In the middle of Vale Guardian.
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    Leader and TTS members derp page!

    DJ, Iona and Saith aren't siblings, they're Triple Trouble.
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    That damn waypoint in LA

    *Spoof* Limited Time Access to Fort Marriner - Gemstore Update The Captains Council is preparing potential attacks from the Elder Dragon Mordremoth should his reach affect Lion's Arch. Fort Marriner will be renovated and locked down except for those that are able to adequately donate to the Lion's Arch relief effort. ___________________________________________________________________________ Fort Marriner Pass - 1,000 Access the most fortified location in Lion's Arch and utilize the best structurally rebuilt location since Scarlet's Attack. Well placed crafting, bank, and trading post services for those that donate enough gems. ___________________________________________________________________________ Available Now in the Gem Store! Log into Guild Wars 2 and press 'O' to access the Black Lion Trading Company for this great offer and more!
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    WANTED: Experienced Wurm Runners

    So, sparked a flurry of thoughts in my head the other day. Coincidentally this Reddit post appeared which saw a large influx of numbers into the TS and resulted in us running THREE wurm maps. How are these two related? Well, what is the premise of TTS? We're here to provide an opportunity for all players to experience super hard content without the requirements of an elitist guild. And what better way to show case that and celebrate our very first wurm kill by advertising an open Wurm kill event? So whats the aim? As many simultaneous Wurm maps as possible. If we got the kill on all of them first go then that is an even bigger bonus. Initial goal is 4. Which will cap out our teamspeak. Depending on resourcing available, we could go to 5 or even 6 maps. This is where you come in. And yes, this is happening THIS weekend. Are you a Wurm commander? Are you a Condition pro? Are you a reflect pro? We need you! As a rough timetable: 11:00PM 6th February Friday UTC: Commander, leader and team leads briefing 11:30PM 6th February Friday UTC: Official teamspeak gathering time for everyone who is interested in coming. 12:00AM 7th February Saturday UTC: Start finding maps and head off. 1:00AM 7th February Saturday UTC: Wurm Spawns 1:30PM 7th February Saturday UTC: All Wurms dead (hopefully) Let's push the limits of what we're capable of. Push the limits of our technology (RIP TS). And set a new record for most wurm maps run simultaneously for not just TTS, but in all of GW2 history. My only question to you, are you up to the challenge?
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    Triple Trouble Reflect Guide

    TTS Triple Trouble Reflect Pro Guide Thank you for reading this guide! The Evolved Jungle Wurm, also known as Triple Trouble, has been a staple for TTS to run since its inception and we find that, even in today's state of the game, it remains one of the few World Events that requires organization whether it be on Teamspeak or in-game chat. One piece of organization that is often used is the Reflect Team, which utilizes reflect and projectile destruction skills to bounce back eggs that the Wurm spits out on a regular basis to prevent Veteran Wurm Larvae from swarming the area. The goal of this guide is to help you learn how to contribute towards the Reflect Team's efforts and to aid in preparations toward earning the Reflect Pro icon on our Teamspeak. - Table of Contents - Setup and Training The Larva Wurm Specifics Gear and Skills Reflects by Class Reflect Calling Setup and Training For an average TTS run, the full Reflect Team will consist of 9-15 players, who will go to the pirate turret north of Laughing Gull Waypoint in Bloodtide Coast to do a brief training session where tactics and builds will be discussed. It is important for the Reflect Trainer, who will be designated during setup, to ensure that the teams are organized and ready. Each of the 3 wurms will have a Reflect Caller, who has experience with the wurm's animations and can speak for their groups. Oftentimes, the Reflect Trainer will be a group's leader. The rest of the players will then split up among the callers, so that each group contains 3-5 players including the Reflect Caller. New reflectors should be distributed among the groups, and if there is an imbalance in experience, it may be helpful to trade players. Newer callers should be grouped with more experienced reflectors (preferably including an experienced caller) and vice versa. Each Reflect Caller will split their group into two teams of 1-2 people each, so that there is always a team ready to reflect if one drops their skills on husks. When setting up the teams: Newer reflectors should be on a team with a more experienced reflector. Classes with a cast time on their reflects (Elementalists, Thieves, Engineers) are best paired with those with instant reflects. Line reflects (eg. Guardians, Thieves) work well when paired with area reflects (eg. Mesmers, Revenants). To demonstrate the positioning of reflects, the Reflect Trainer will use the destroyed pirate turret to represent the wurm. The front of the wurm is simulated by the opening in the ring, and the fence behind the turret acts as the back wall that line reflects are aligned with. The Reflect Trainer will go over the spit animation, with the directions the eggs will be spit out at. They will also show the spot to stand, for classes that need to be inside the wurm, and where to place reflecting walls/domes: Yellow = Where reflectors can stand. Players using smaller reflects will need to be closer to the center of the wurm. Red = Path the eggs take. The three waves will always be from left to right when facing the wurm or the cliff behind. Blue = Where line reflects (straight line) and area/dome reflects (circle) must be placed. Reflect Callers can then do a "dry run" (a practice run, usually going over two spits) with the turret, especially if there are new players. This gives the team a chance to hear the calls that will be used at the actual wurm, and try out their reflects on the fake wurm. Once each team is ready, they can head out to their Wurms to do final set-ups. In the event that there are not enough Reflect Callers, communicate this to the Event Leader - a team of solo reflectors can reflect without a caller, or the Crimson Lead may be able to call and lead at the same time. Should the Condi Team be short on players, it may also be beneficial to identify and split up any husk blockers (check with Elementalists and Mesmers) on the Reflect Team. This does not necessarily mean that husks should be blocked - check with your commander and condi team first. Downed party members (including the caller) can be called out for the zerg to revive. If any reflector dies, they should run back quickly and notify their party. To recap: 3 experienced reflectors are designated to be Reflect Callers, and 1 person to be the Reflect Trainer. The trainer will often be one of the callers. Reflectors are distributed amongst the callers to make 3 groups of 3-5 players each. Reflect Trainer explains the role of the team to any new reflectors, touching on skills, gear, animations, and specific tactics. Reflect Trainer shows where to stand and where to place skills at the pirate turret. Callers divide their groups into 2 teams, balancing based on experience and types of reflects, and if possible, assign themselves to any teams that need it. Reflect Callers introduce themselves to the Wurm Team they are at, briefly explaining the team's role and the calls they will make. Reflect eggs, kill wurm, get loot. The Larva Eggs that are not reflected always travel the same path when spat out by the Wurm and land in the same area (doing minor damage), but what happens next can be chaotic. When an egg lands, it will become attackable and should be destroyed by the zerg if possible. An egg that is not destroyed in time will hatch into a Veteran Wurm Larva that can attack players in the area either by flopping around, dealing damage and knockbacks, or by spitting out projectiles (marked by 3 red targeting circles). As you can imagine, these wurms can cause quite a hassle and though a couple won't doom a run, repeated eggs hatching can lead to a situation where the zerg cannot complete the objectives needed to trigger the burn. Above: What happens without a reflect team. Wurm Specifics Although the main animations are the same at every wurm, each of the three has some small differences that the Reflect Team should be aware of. The images of the minimap at each spawn location show the position of the wurm (yellow), the approximate paths of the eggs (red), and the wall behind the wurm to align reflects with (blue). Amber Located between Bogside Camp Waypoint and Whisperwill Waypoint, Amber Wurm spawns in the ravine beneath the Vista, with a wall to the east. Amber's second animation will always be eating the Plague Carrier Abomination. The first team should be prepared at this time. After eating the zerg, the wurm usually does one animation (the time taken to destroy the Pyloric Valve) before a unique animation to spit the zerg out. If the commander is holding off harpoon shots to increase burn phase time, expect at least two animations before the wurm goes down for the burn. Amber will occasionally spit eggs or husks after a burn. Reflectors should get in position to reflect as the wurm stands up. Cobalt Located near Jelako Waypoint, Cobalt Wurm spawns on the beach beneath the vista, with the cliff to the southwest. This is the most straightforward wurm in terms of animations, making it a good place to start as a new caller. Once 20 kegs have been placed, the wurm's next animation will be eating the kegs to blow them up and start the burn. After each burn, Cobalt will do a large spin before spitting. Crimson Located near Firthside Vigil Waypoint, Crimson Wurm spawns in the valley south, with a cliff behind it to the west. After being notified that the colours are full, the Wurm can do up to three additional animations before actually going into burn phase. These could be either spins or spits, so it is important that the reflectors are ready until the wurm falls to the ground. After every burn, Crimson will do a large spin before spitting. Gear and Skills Below is a list of helpful items, skills, and settings: Food: Usually, reflect team can use the same food that is dropped for the zerg. Orrian Steak Frittes offer a little more survivability. Gear: For any weapons used to reflect, stats are less important and you can buy a cheap one if needed. Soldier's gear is an option for those concerned about dying. Useful Skills: Stability, stunbreaks, blocks, and invulnerability may be useful for newer reflectors. Settings: Under Options (F11) > Camera, set Field of View to the far right for visibility. Reflects by Class Classes are listed in a loose order of easier to harder difficulty. Common solo reflectors and blockers are at the top, and more challenging reflects are toward the bottom. Note: This is not a comprehensive list of all skills that can reflect. With the exception of Warrior and Engineer (the high difficulty classes), the primary reflect is listed first, followed by possible backup skills for a second spit. Some reflects require an elite sspecialization, so an alternative for characters without them is also provided. Revenant: Medium AoE with long duration, does not need to stand in wurm Protective Solace (Utility skill) - requires Legendary Centaur Stance, with Ventari Tablet out. Diminish Solace after eggs have been blocked. This skill easily covers two spits, especially if the reflector stays in combat to maintain energy. Mesmer: Large AoE and line reflect Feedback (Utility skill) - can be used with Mimic (Utility skill) to cover two spits, though there are other options, especially with Chronomancer. Easily placed from outside the wurm. Optional trait: Inspiration > 3rd line > Temporal Enchanter - makes Feedback last longer. Temporal Curtain (Focus 4) - place parallel to wall. Required trait: Inspiration > 2nd line > Warden's Feedback. Can block husks and spits from small spins using the Distortion effect. Elementalist: Large AoE and small range chained skills, or small range skill with Tempest Swirling Winds (Focus - Air 4) - note half second cast time. Trait: Air > 2nd line > Aeromancers Training for reduced recharge on air weapon skills. "Aftershock!" (Utility skill) - requires Tempest, has a cast time and very small range. Magnetic Wave (Focus - Earth 4) -> Ring of Earth (Mainhand Dagger - Earth 2) - use Magnetic Wave for two spits and Ring of Earth for the third. Requires good timing and positioning. Can block husks and spits from small spins using various invulnerability skills. Guardian: Line reflect and large AoE Wall of Reflection (Utility skill) - place parallel to wall. Trait: Virtues > 1st line > Master of Consecrations for reduced wall cooldown. Shield of Absorption (Shield 5) - can be used with Wall of Reflection to cover a bad angle, or on its own if experienced. Ranger: Medium AoE, line if using Druid Sublime Conversion (Staff 5) - requires Druid, place parallel to wall. Whirling Defense (Offhand Axe 5) - be sure not to move while casting. Thief: Line reflect and small AoE Smokescreen (Utility skill) - place parallel to the wall. Trait: Shadow Arts > 1st line > Concealed Defeat - reduces cooldown. Dagger Storm (Elite skill) - note the small range and high cooldown. Trait: Trickery > 2nd line > Trickster - reduces cooldown. Necromancer: Large AoE but only one skill Corrosive Poison Cloud (Utility skill) - long duration, may cover part of two animations. Trait: Curses > 2nd line > Master of Corruption for reduced recharge - this is the only reflect skill. Warrior: High difficulty, very small range chained skills Shield Stance (Shield 5) -> Counterblow (Mace 2) - use shield to cover two spits and mace for the third. Riposte (Offhand Sword 5) can be used in place of Shield Stance. If husks come out first, save Counterblow for the next spit animation. Required trait: Defense > 1st line > Shield Master - reflect whenever you are blocking. Optional trait line: Discipline for Fast Hands (faster weapon swapping). Engineer: High difficulty (requires low latency and knowledge of animations), medium AoE. Easier alternative with Scrapper. Turret reflect: Two turrets are required to cover a full spit, place the first turret in position a second before the animation starts and the second if the spit is eggs. Note the half second cast time and 1 second shield deployment time. Pick up turrets after the spit for the reduced cooldown. Required trait: Inventions > 3rd line> Advanced Turrets for reflective bubble on turrets. Defense Field (Tool belt skill) - requires Scrapper, with Bulwark Gyro slotted. Reflect Calling The Reflect Caller's role is to call animations during phase 1 and manage the two teams within their group who will move into position and reflect when called on. Usually, the teams take turns going in and reflecting, switching out if there are husks. The caller introduces the Reflect Team to the rest of the group at the wurm, and will make calls alongside (or over) the commander. Revenants and Mesmers are the easiest classes to use for reflect calling, as they can watch the wurm from a distance while still being able to reflect. The three animations to be called are as follows: Large Spin: Wurm turns clockwise and remains fairly upright. Large, dodgeable AoE attack around the Wurm that can knockback. At Crimson this can also knock gliders out of the air. Small Spin: Wurm turns counter-clockwise and curls down toward the ground. Small, dodgeable AoE attack around the Wurm that can knockback. Fires multiple Spit (Drool) projectiles across the area that cannot be reflected (but can be blocked with invulnerability), marked by small orange circles. Spitting: Wurm rears back and spits either Eggs (every ~40-45 seconds) or Husks (every ~90 seconds). The caller will state which occurred after calling to reflect (unless they are absolutely certain of husks), as there is no way to distinguish the spits by initial appearance. Usually, if eggs are blocked, nothing will appear to come out, but if it is husks, they will be seen flying. After a husk spit, the next spit will always be eggs. Due to the cooldown on eggs, reflect teams do not always need to stay in position, as this increases the chances of taking hits or blowing reflects early. The caller will want to have the next available team ready before the egg cooldown has expired. To help keep track of the time, a skill with a similar cooldown can be used, or the caller can keep count of the animations since the last eggs. The egg cooldown is enough time for 3 spins (14 seconds each). A burn phase (~30 seconds) can be counted as 2 spins. At Amber, swallowing and spitting out the zerg together count as 1 spin. The caller will notify the commander if any eggs get out so they can be dealt with. If the Reflect Team is being threatened by veteran wurms, inform the commander so they can assign people to clear them out. One of the best ways to learn reflect calling is to go to a wurm (or look at a video) and watch the animations. The Jungle Wurm in Caledon Forest is a good place to get used to the two spins and Amber's zerg spitting animation. If you are new to calling, don't hesitate to ask the rest of the Reflect Team for help and support! Useful Apps: http://derekchoi.me/gw2reflect/ Visual study app by Lanboost
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    Liara Wolfsbane

    A fond fairwell

    Hello Everyone, After being called out in ts today about not repping TTS at Teq, and replying that I do not have a TTS guild to rep (I left timelords this morning), I quickly (less than 10 min) had my taco removed, and my beloved pokeball. I have been through a lot with TTS, and this reminded me of my place within the community, so I have decided since I no longer have my taco, I will no longer be in teamspeak (unless for a specific reason, ie to help someone with a dungeon etc). BUT, I am not posting this to come across as super salty, or what ever you might call it, I am posting it so that all those wonderful friends I have made understand that I will not longer be in teamspeak, and can instead reach out to me in game. I do have my own teamspeak (powered by eq) but mainly spend time in discord now with my new guild. Thank you for all the wonderful things I have learned, and all the people I have met who have enriched my life more than any of you might know.
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    It's been a pleasure, truly

    After months of thought, weeks of reasoning, and days of reflection, I am parting ways with TTS after EU Events this weekend. I joined TTS Leadership under the wish to bring large-scale events to players with small-scale access and, later, to bring a community feel to the guild with things like the Pokemon contests, Podcasts, and Themed Teq runs. I am not leaving angry, tired, burnt-out, or otherwise beleaguered, and, with assistance from the leadership, will still run the Pokemon Tournaments :) My reasons for leaving are purely ideological and I don't hold anything against anyone, I leave with no hard feelings and no regrets. Thank you, Merf, for all that you do, my fellow CO's for their communication and support, and my fellow commanders for always being there. Above all, thank you to the players I see every day, that I talk to, and that gave me a reason to log in everyday, thank you from the bottom of my heart. What happens next for me, I don't know, but I will keep any interested parties in the know, and can always be reached at [email protected] in the event that I can't be reached here. See you in-game!
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    Not for judging since I already submitted some pics, but here are some I thought of for fun today....
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    Hello, As you might have noticed I kinda like doing Triple Trouble, and been doing reflect since a while back. For some reason we are almost always "short" on callers, be it because people don't feel confident in their voice, abilities or never just watched for the animations. There are many great guides on how to reflect at Triple Trouble, explaining and showing the animations, however this seems not to be enough :) Therefore I went ahead and did a little practice test you can do, after you have done this, you should by all measures be able to reflect call (or atleast see when you should reflect) My goals: -Make ppl intressted in calling -Make ppl feel confident in their abilities The app is made in HTML5 and javascript (ECMAScript 6) if you are not running one of the latest common browsers there might be problems :P The video is a 12 min 720p (~3-5k bitrate) so it might take some time to load (upload should be around 800kbyte/s) The application can be found in the links below. http://lanboost.net/gw/ http://lanboost.net/gw/training.php I would love to hear feedbacks!
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    Raven Paradox

    Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Makes Dre a probie... gets derped in less than an hour... #JustPACthings
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    So this has become quite the long thread, and that's a good thing as passion is always preferential to indifference. As Ailarin has done, I will post the wall of text so large that it can be seen from space. When Ailarin came to me with this new restructure idea, my overriding priority was to ensure that the leadership move away from a straight-up bureaucratic hierarchal mess where, due to the actions of a small minority of former leaders that weren't acting with the good of the community in mind, getting anything going took forever due to ideas being bogged down in discussions until the idea either took so long to be implemented that it couldn't serve the function it was created for, or was changed to such an extent that it was ineffective. So I had the idea to change the nomenclature entirely so that the rank of Leader would be removed and that these two new ranks of leadership (Commander and Admin) would be created as equals so that the a previous Leader wouldn't see Admin as a promotion, nor Commander a Demotion as, in our talks, Ailarin and I renamed Commander as Community Leader with everything involving those individuals being left the same otherwise, it's obvious now that that is currently not the case, but having already seen this as a possibility, I've been working on a new system to replace the old Commander one, and I'll post that at the end of this small treatise. When it came to changing up the rank structure, I wanted anyone in leadership to be able to focus highly on whatever they feel can help grow the community and, for these New Commanders, that would be solely leading in-game content (2x a week) instead of what the Old Leader rank entailed (2x a week + an extra task, be it an event, making food, PR, etc etc etc) and that those who want to do these off-stage tasks, could elect to do so by becoming Admins after their probationary period (So long as their off-site tasks demand it. which is something determined by the Keeper, they only need to lead 1 raid event per week, otherwise they default to 2x a week). Next up is the higher tiers of leadership. Originally, there was a Council that would be elected quarterly with 1 or 2 people being elected from the EU, NA, and OCE timezones who, together, would enact policy changes, assist leaders in their goals, and serve as advisers to the Keeper as well as to handle PR matters concerning leaders (more on PR in a bit). This system would come to be compromised by those who, again, were in a small minority and acted with intentions that didn't have the good of the community at the forefront. Even without those individuals, Council's role would, even with good intentions, become a bottleneck of sorts where TTS' ability to react to change would become slowed due to the Old Leaders believing (whether true or not) that they had to wait for Council to make decisions especially when they were to be about the direction of the guild as a whole, and this would result in numerous discussion threads that ended with little to no resolution beyond waiting for Council to make their call. The Council system, therefore, has been dissolved, with the structure allowing for Commanders and Admins to have more autonomy to do what they feel is right for the community. Commanders who have served for 6 months can become Commander Officers who are charged with ensuring Commanders have the tools they need, work alongside Admins to get things done (having food made, making sure rep checks are being done, etc) and, to ensure more face-time with their Commanders and community, must attend in-game events 3x a week. The final aim in the restructure, for me, was a PR overhaul. PR has changed many times and was originally extra duties assigned (voluntarily) to a couple leaders with the intention to be a go-between for the community and the leaders at-large for anything positive or negative. This was changed by a movement headed by, again, the aforementioned Minority, to a more open process that, while seeming to welcome more oversight into PR (whether it was needed or not was never proven, only assumed), would tend to become (at times) a place where those with agendas could enact them on those who, on the surface, would appear to deserve it (sometimes they actually did deserve the punishment they were given, but impartiality must always be upheld in PR even in a seemingly foregone conclusion). PR would also begin to gain a shadowy feel which it rarely, if ever, had under Ivan's and Deva's formation where members involved in a PR report often feel that the process and the results, all being unsaid to the masses out of a fear that members will begin trying to edge themselves out to every possible corner without getting booted, being possibly inconsistent. As the new Head of PR, I am working with Byte on redoing the Terms of Etiquette to be clear and comprehensive, with a Bill of Rights for our community, and clearly posted processes for the results of any actions made that break the Terms of Etiquette in order to remove the"cloak and daggers" feeling that PR has had as of late. Look for these to be finished by next week. --------------------------------------------- Everything below this line is a work in progress and should not be considered as law or a given. This process I will describe isn't being enacted yet. Now to get to the Old Commanders, with the Community Leader rank not being here, I have been working on an idea for a suite of Specialist Icons that players can earn. These Specialist icons are for players that have demonstrated their ability to competently lead the 3 Core and the 3 HoT raid events. The old system of ticks won't be used, instead a sort of "Leader's Test" will be held where we will be looking for competency which will result in either a Pass (and the icon) or a Fail (with reasons given as to what they can do to improve). A member can volunteer for this by sending an email to the [email protected] with their account name, guild they're in, and possible dates they'd like to test in. PR (myself in most cases) will handle the tracking, test scheduling, and hopefully the testing itself (with assistance and input from Commander Officers hopefully :D). There's also a sense of progression with these icons: -Teq Specialist: Icon would be a black teq speed icon. -Wurm Specialist: Icon would be a green wurm speed icon. -Shatter Specialist: Icon would be a purple teq speed icon. Earning the previous 3 will result in the icons being stripped and a new red number 2 icon being given, you will now be known as a Core Specialist. -Auric Specialist: Icon would be a gold Fearless Leader icon. -Chak Specialist: Icon would be a purple King of Kings icon. -Mordremoth Specialist: Icon would be a green teq speed icon. Earning the previous 3 will result in the icons being stripped and a new green number 2 icon being given, you will now be known as a HoT Specialist. Finally, having both 2's will result in those being stripped and a diamond coloured commander tag icon would be given, called TTS Specialist. These advancements are compulsory, so that we can see, at a glance, who has risen to what rank of expertise easily. All of these would be server groups and, while not sorting you to the top of channels, under leaders, would serve to distinguish those who step-up and want to lead and be recognized for it. As a server group, I see no reasons for Commanders and Admins to not go for these as well. Also, those who've earned Commander, will be grandfathered in to those respective Specialties (Teq and Wurm basically). To note: Similar to the Condi and Reflect icons (and the Old Commander icon), accepting these specialist icons means you've given consent to lead (if asked) an event you're a specialist for *if* you're in that specific event's channel (ie You may be expected to lead Teq if you're a Teq Specialist in a Teq Channel if asked). Repeated and consistent refusal to lead would be reported to PR and may result in the icon being stripped after a discussion to get your side (you can re-earn it and no infractions or discipline would be given, so don't feel like there's a gun to your head nor that refusing once in a while, especially if you've previously led, will result in losing the icon). Please let me know what you think :) Thanks for reading this long post.
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    Farewell Vanilla Shatterer

    May you return a worthier opponent! At NA today, we decided to see the Shatterer off before it went and buffed itself up at the gym.
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    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. How are you all today? My name is Master Of Swordsmen and I have been serving as one of the leaders for quite a while now. Tonight was one of the best nights I've had in a while, which why it's bittersweet to type this. I type to you here on our forums to say that I will unfortunately be stepping down now though. You might be asking a variety of questions reading this. Why are you stepping down? Why are doing it like this?...Who are you? -Spoiler tagged for walls of text- Sentimental Background Why I’d like to now ask something of you, as a member, leader, or someone that will fill either of those spots in the future. To conclude: you all are amazing. It has been a pleasure as always. And I will see you all next time :) Tl;dr I’m stepping down from leadership. You all are awesome. Super happy and sad feels. Continue to make TTS the best community in GW2. All the best - MoS
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    It has been a pleasure

    Crimson is red Cobalt is blue We all love MoS, And you all should too. Live long and prosper, Master of Swordsmen/Showers/Loincloths.
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    Leadership, as a whole, makes it a point to be familiar with all the mechanics of a fight and devise tactics around them. We constantly evaluate the pros, the cons, and overall climate of these events to determine which tactics to use and when to change direction. We're often in communication throughout the entire event in commander chat (you can ask commanders and community night volunteers). I mention something that sounds this basic because it provides a very different perspective from the general "zerg". TTS is highly organized. It provides us the means to be flexible, reactive, and efficient. In order to maintain these operating expectations, we do not have the time to provide an exhaustive list of reasons for making the decisions we do during the raid. When I see a thread like this, I find it difficult find an underlying objective discussion when wording like "misrepresent", "completely wrong", or outright stating that you "know" the intentions of other players, TTS members, and TTS leadership, is used both in a tone that implies belligerence, arrogance, and ignorance. Consider the following: Why do we ask folks to bring stun breaks at Teq? A novice answer would be feared players running away is a drop in DPS. Simple, yet true. An experience member might tell you that it's to prevent folks from dispersing and running through poison fields around the zerg. This is also true, and has a bit more forethought than the previous answer. A commander might respond that its to help ensure that the zerg stays tightly stacked, so that we can continue to focus our AOE heals, buffs, and cleanses in the same spot, creating a zone of safety. Again, also true, but this begins to develop a more thorough understanding of organizing the zerg and the mechanics of the fight. A leader though would also comment that, in addition to all the previously mentioned things, being feared into the south turrets signficiantly increases the probability that a champion grub or hypnoss may spawn, if not more. A fear suddenly pushing a dozen or more players into the South Turrets right before one of the 90 second spawn intervals can easily upscale mobs significantly. This can impact the defense teams ability to control mobs and protect the turret operators. In turn, Teq's scales could start climbing towards 20, cleanses may not be available, and the additional offensive and defensive buffs may not affect as many players, if anyone at all. Suddenly, a stun break has grown from a simple "I'm doing my job as a good zerg member" to "I'm doing my job to help ensure that the raid does not fail". Should leadership suddenly stop instructing players to bring a stun break because of this pretty narrow set of coincidences? Should we hold the expectation that because TTS members are of a higher caliber, that we'll just expect everyone to know when precisely to dodge to avoid Teq's fear, and instead replace that utility with a DPS boosting one instead? These are just an example of items leaders consider when deciding on tactics. If TTS always took the position of "this is what the pug meta is", we'd still have power teams at Triple Trouble. Attack on the Breachmaker would have had a zerg rotating for the phase when Scarlet's holograms split. I can only speculate on the number of preliminary tactics for Marionette or Queen's Gauntlet (mostly because I had quit playing GW2 regularly during that period) that were considered "the meta" at the time. Conversely, if TTS wanted to go with the speed run metas, half the guild would not be invited to our raids. tl;dr - We choose the tactics we do they are what work for TTS based on what we see works best based on multiple leader observations.
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    Inspired by Valkryie Quagganslayer
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    Happy Birthday....

    ....to us! Yes, that's right. TTS is turning TWO! And we're going to celebrate big by running lots of fun (not fun in the case of OCE) activities and give out a shedload of prizes and things. Rumour has it there's a twilight that could be given away. More details to come soon, but book it in your calendar now and keep the day free! We celebrate on the 20th September 2015! Schedule NA will be the first to run the birthday event this weekend, starting at reset. The schedule for each time zone will be the same and the birthday celebrations will be run in place of normal raids. :00 - Gather for Asuraball and open registration for Assassin :30 - Asuraball ends and registration for Assassin close. Assassin game begins! :40 - 1:40 - Amazing Race is underway! Any teams knocked out can gather at Sparkfly Fen for Balloon Fights and Trivia 2:00 - Assassin game ends! Teq spawn. Activity Information and Prizes Below are the details for the activities, what they entail and prizes associated with each! Further details will be provided on the day Asuraball What is Asuraball Form a team of 4 guardians and head into the official TTS arena to face off against another team. The aim of the game is to knock the Asuraball into the opponents goal! Rules Guardians only Max team size of 4 No amulets or sigils One person can be assigned the goalie. They can use Hammer 4 & 5, shield 5 and Sanctuary Everyone else can only use Hammer 4 Prize The winning team in each timezone will win 50g Amazing Race What is the Amazing Race Form a team and follow the clues to find your next checkpoint in Tyria! You'll have to do a range of tasks such as gathering, performing an action and jumping puzzles. Can you work together and work through them nice and fast? Because the slowest teams will be eliminated at each checkpoint! Rules Have a team Follow leader instructions Prize The wining team in each timezone will win 100g! The second place team in each timezone will win 50g! The third place team in each timezone will win 25g! Balloon Fight What is the Balloon Fight? How good are you at throwing waterballoons? Test your mettle in a free for all water extravaganza! Enter the arena each round and the first person to reach the judge with the Crown will be deemed the winner. Rules If you lose your crown on the way to the judge, tough! You'll have to get it again and hope no one beats you to it You MUST use the water balloons. No other mini PvP items are allowed. Prize The winner of each round will win 5g Trivia What is Trivia? Test your knowledge against each other and see who knows the most about TTS, the Guild Wars universe and Guild Wars 2 in general! Will you be lightning quick Google Fu, or will your mind hold the answers? Rules You must submit answers in the format the Trivia Master dictates (this may be different in each timezone) Trivia Master rulings are final Prize Each winning answer will receive 2g Assassin What is Assassin? Assassin is a game about hunting down and "killing" your target. How do I play? Sign up via the link given in teamspeak! Once the game begins, you'll be given a list. Find your name, the name to the right of your name is your target! e.g. Merforga - Peanutbutterbun. Peanutbutterbun is my target! While doing the rest of the activities, be on the look out for your target. Once you've found your target, CTRL+T to target them and put a reticle above their head. Take a screenshot, upload it and submit it by poking the co-ordinating leader with the image link. (You can also taunt your kill by whispering them "BOOM HEADSHOT") Wait for the confirmation from the leader of the kill. Find out who your target was hunting, and repeat! Scoring Scoring is based on number of kills you were able to make. 1 point per kill. Once you are dead, your score means nothing (sorry guys, the dead can't hold greatswords) In the event of a tie for first place, each living assassin will inherit the points of their last target. This will continue for each tier until we have a winner. In the event of final drilling down and it's still a draw, the winner will be RNG Points will be weighted depending on number of players. E.g. if NA have 60 attendees and OCE has 20, each point in OCE will be the equivalent of 3 points to calculate the overall winner. Rules Assassin is a trust based game. Be a good sport and respond to prompts as quickly as possible. Purposely impeding the game or cheating will result in automatic disqualification. You MUST be a TTS member to win the prizes on offer (non TTS members may still participate but won't win anything). You MUST remain on the character you signed up for at all times. You MUST remain online at all times (no hiding in offline mode) Kills will be determined based on when the screenshot received. You can participate in all time zones, however your scores will not be combined and will be treated independently Prizes Prizes are across all timezones and based on your total score for the timezone you participated in.. Twilight! Howl Dreamthistle Greatsword Skin Dwayna Staff Skin Dwayna Staff Skin
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    Introduction Hello all, by popular request, I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and pen this commander guide down for you all. For a bit of background, if for some reason you have no idea who I am, then…well…you need to get out more =p. I’ve commanded since Teq was revamped way back when, starting commanding for BG Teq attempts and then moving into TTS a few weeks later. I’ve been commanding since then, including world first triple decap, so I like to think I know what I’m talking about =). With that said however, these are my personal preferences for commanding and some will work for some people and some won’t. It’s up to you to figure out what works for you and come up with your own commanding style, hopefully this guide will give you a nice foundation to start off with. The things I’ll cover in this commanding guide: Soft skillsUnderstanding mechanicsExplanationsCommanding roles in TTSCommanding tipsEnjoy! Soft Skills I’ll start off with this since I believe the difference between a good commander, and a great commander isn’t the understanding of mechanics and knowledge of the fight. While important, great commanders lead and inspire. They earn, not demand, respect and people will follow them without question, whether to success or to slaughter. While cliché, the below skills are essential for the makings of a great commander: Confidence: The number 1 skill required for commander and a must. A confident commander is a successful commander. The zerg will follow a not so successful, but confident commander, to the ends of the earth, regardless of the result. Have conviction in what you say, follow through on your commands and most importantly, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. While being new to commanding is nerve wracking, your confidence will grow the more you go at it. Confidence is key and is the first step to being successfulResponsibility and Accountability: Commanders that assign blame are not great commanders. If anything, they attract more ire and negativity than others. Commanders take responsibility for what they lead, and ultimately look forward. Rather than try and figure the source of blame for something going wrong, great commander look at what went wrong and how to improve and/or prevent it from happening in future commands.Energy and Attitude: Even when things go tits up, everything goes awry and you’re just generally having a bad day, the way you conduct yourself will be contagious to the zerg. The more energy and positivity you inject into your commanding style, the more responsive and energetic your zerg will be.Understanding Mechanics Pretty much a given, successful commanders understand the fight and strategies inside and out. However, to be in the top tier of commanders, it’s critical that a solid understanding of the underlying foundations is had, not just with the fight, but with the broader game itself. This separates the commanders who follow guides by the book and the commanders who are able to adapt on the fly due to unexpected things happening. The easiest and best way, is of course, to do the content over and over again. Read up on established guides to understand the general strategy and then go in and dissect the fight up into the smallest parts. Become an expert at understanding all the little pieces of the puzzle and you’ll be able to adapt to almost any situation. The second part of this is understanding animations. The aim as a commander is ultimately to make animation based calls with instinct. It’s quicker, reliable and it comes second nature allowing you to use your brain for other thoughts. The rest comes with experience. As an example, Crimson is the easiest to command. There’s not many variables that change between each fight. Compared to Cobalt, there’s a larger number of variables to consider as well as a significant number of judgement calls to be made. Do I run back to kegs with 30 seconds left before keg swap or do I clear the 6 wurms around the beach? There’s no right or wrong answer, and the decision comes to judgement. Know your zerg and what they’re capable of. Explanations Part of the TTS commanding culture is understanding that there will always be new people to the raids. That’s why we always do Wurm explanations. In my opinion, the most effective explanations follow the K.I.S.S rule (Keep it simple stupid). Focus on the key points that need to be addressed and as much as possible keep it simple. The more you ramble on, the more your zerg will tune out and your message won’t get across. As an example, when I command Crimson, I boil the explanation down to: “Grab colours, fill extractors, burn” That’s pretty much it for the phase 1 explanation. You can then go in and start going into further detail and answer questions if required. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to keep your explanations and spiel to less than 5 minutes. Your spiel should cover the WHAT and HOW of the fight. The WHY for the most part is irrelevant, causes you to ramble and should for the most part, be saved if someone seeks further clarification or asks further questions. Using the example above: WHAT: Grab colours HOW: Run into coloured clouds WHY: When you run into coloured clouds, you get a little buff above your head which corresponds to the coloured cloud you picked up. At it’s simplest you can already see the why part is longer than the what and how part combined. Not necessary and ok to omit for the most part. Speaking of spiels, nothing confuses a zergling more than a chaotic all over the place explanation. Many TTS commanders and leaders started off with a notepad with key dot points jotted down so they have a clear concise structure to follow during explanations. This allows you to logically step through the fight with the zerg and ensures you don’t miss any critical information. Commanding Roles in TTS There’s ample opportunities for commanding in TTS and this section will cover off TTS specific roles which may not be relevant abroad. At it’s core, there are two types of commanders. This is more relevant and clear for Wurm more so than Teq. Raid Lead / Setup: This commander is responsible for organising and setting up the raid. They look for the map to use, make sure commanders are all assigned where required, and ensure that everything is ready to go. E.g. making sure there’s enough reflectors. Fight Commander: The commander everyone is more familiar with. They’re the ones leading the fight and making the calls. The best time to dip your toes and start commanding is on Wednesdays UTC aka Leaders Night Off. Commanding Tips This section will be a bit longer so bear with me =D. These are all from personal experience and some are a bit more general than others. General Tips Keep your commands clear and concise. Any command which takes longer than 5 seconds to say is too long and will be irrelevant by the time you finish.Preempt animation based calls. The earlier you can call the command, the better in most cases. Teamspeak lag adds about half a second until the zergling on the other end will actually hear it. Don’t say “Stack on me”. Say “stack on the tag”. People are able to follow direct visual directions rather than semi clear directions. Repeat instructions. Especially during the wurm, repeating commands does wonders for zerg responsiveness and injects the energy you need. I usually repeat the same command at least 3 times. Utilise say chat! A lot of commanders rely too much on teamspeak. You can also reach out to people not on teamspeak under your command via say chat. While you don’t need to relay every command, key commands can be relayed quickly and easily e.g. DON’T FILL REDPractice situational awareness. Constantly scan the area, mini map and map chat. Are people down that need ressing? Do your specialist teams need help? Do other commanders need help? Is your zerg scattered or on your tag? This will start becoming second nature, much like driving a car, and is super important.Communicate communicate communicate. I cannot stress this enough. Communication is key, especially during the wurm fight. Commanders who can communicate clearly are heads and shoulders above others. TequatlWe primarily do a melee stack for Teq, though ranged is also viable, I’ll provide tips for both. Stack under his neck, NOT ON THE FOOT. The foot will knock the zerg back and wreck you. You also won’t get the DD. I still don’t know why PUG commanders still stack thereKeep reflects up at all times. Keep repeating it because people forget. If you have sound games on, you can tell when fingers are flinging by the hissing sound. When you see Teq lift his paw up before the wave, tell your zerg to dodge when his paw is up in the air, not when it lands. The TS lag will mean your call will reach the zerglings at the right time. Fear and poison finger spawning are good times to stack mightRANGED: Stack tight, using the reflects as well. I find attacking the two closest fingers when they spawn is effective at minimising the poison fields on the zerg.RANGED: You can move the zerg side to side to avoid stacked cripple fields and reduce the down time. Know the difference between cripple and poison fields. Poison fields can be cleansed by turrets, cripple fields cannot. WurmWurm SetupsIdeally each wurm should have about 35 members. However if there’s not enough on all tags, you can generally sacrifice numbers at Crimson for Amber and Cobalt. The priority for numbers should be Amber > Cobalt > Crimson. While 5 man reflect teams are ideal, minimum runs can operate with solo/duo reflectors and 3 man condi teams. Don’t waste time trying to get that last person onto a reflect or condi team. If they’re fine with 1 less, roll with it. Crit Phase CommunicationFor the majority of Wurm fights, the timing to go in for the final burn after all wurms are crit follow the same pattern. For the most part, each Wurm has a “drop dead” time where the final burn mechanic needs to be undertaken regardless of the other wurms for a decap. These numbers are more conservative in natureAmber : Stack @ 1:30 Crimson : Fill red @ 1:10Cobalt : Run kegs @ 1:00Each wurm should be at the following stages before initiating the final burnAmber has no debuff and ready to goCrimson has 2 out of 3 colours filledCobalt has more than 1 minute left before keg location changesCoordinating the final burn is critical in ensuring you’re able to get the raid to phase 2. We generally follow the below guide when we decide when to go in for burn based on the above conditions.Amber is first to initiate. This serves two purposes.Amber can abort their go a lot easier than other wurms. Amber is all or nothing. If there is time, and amber isn’t successful, you’re able to regroup and try again. At this point Amber is communicating in CC the following actionsStacking on abomKilling on abomStacking to get eatenEaten with numbersAt the last point, Amber commander will make the call on whether to initiate the final burn or not. Generally this is based on if there are enough people inside the stomach when they are eaten. If they have numbers, the call is given for Crimson and Cobalt to initiate. AmberWatch out for small spins when stacking on the abom. When spat out, wait for the wurm to finish it’s animation before giving the order to fire harpoons. This will allow for an extended burn phase as the wurm will do a second animation if timed correctly while also being vulnerable. Stick to the right after being spat out so that you avoid the majority of mobs and have the clearest line of sight with the wurm. Abom goo lasts a few seconds. As such, you don’t need to wait for the debuff to completely expire before stacking on the abom. Most of the time, you can stack on the abom with about 10 seconds left on the debuff. While it might not sound like much, it can shave about a minute off your crit time which is pretty significant. CrimsonStack at the triple colours spawn at the start of the fight, near the bush. When you get the triple colours, run to blue first then red and yellow. If you have the numbers, you can enter burn phase pretty instantly as all three will fill up in one pass. After the burn, note where the clouds spawn. While they will differ fight to fight, they will always spawn at the same spot after every burn. Find a place where there’s three together and direct your zerg there straight after the burn rather than have everyone split up randomly. I personally prefer running in a crescent move rather than full circle i.e. blue > red > yellow > red > blue. Keep your eye on the extractors and let people when it’s full. This will prevent people not paying a lot of attention from wasting time running to already full extractors. CobaltStack at hard spawn at the beginning of the fight. It’s the middle spawn which means you can run to the other spawns quite easily, and if by luck it’s the first spawn, you can grab and go straight away, making it the fastest to get to a burn phase. You generally have enough time to chain run single location before it swaps. I usually allow around 30 seconds if I want to chain run the same location. Tell your zerg which direction to run after the burn. Critical if you want those chose chain burns. This will keep your zerg together, allow you to get your zerg to the keg area quicker and keep things more orderly. One of my favorite strategies, and works really well at hard spawn especially. When you’re stacking on the kegs, if the wurm is doing a small spin, get your zerg to pick up a keg but WAIT. 9 times out of 10 the orange circles will clump up where you’re stacked. When you see the circles, run the kegs. As the spit takes some time before they land, it gives you ample time to get out of the area and a clear run to the keg spot to drop them.Put down reflects and stabilities when dropping kegs on the keg zone. If you see 3 or more vet wurms on top of the drop zone, take them out. Your next run will probably fail if you don’t. More important at cobalt but can apply to other wurms, when you’re clearing the beach, make sure you’re targeting a single target with your zerg at all times. Half killing wurms doesn’t serve any purpose and you’ll just be wasting time. It’s better to kill 2/4 wurms causing you trouble than to leave all 4 on 20% hp. Final Note Commanding isn’t easy, and for a lot of people, doesn’t come naturally. But you don’t know till you try. Sometimes it can be stressful, sometimes it can be frustrating, but for the most part, it’s extremely rewarding and fun (please don’t hurt me Rachel). Don’t be afraid to give it a go, let loose, make mistakes and ultimately learn a lot, not just about the game itself, but even maybe possibly about public speaking, leadership and more. As always, feel free to talk a leader if you want to learn more about commanding =).
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    You guys are great.

    Just wanted to express my thanks to everyone who has helped me and making things fun and enjoyable in this game. It's unfortunate that we have to split the guild up because of the member cap, but either way we always seem to make every teq/triple trouble/events fun and exciting when everyone comes together. I haven't met any other friendly community-driven guilds like this one in any other MMO I've played and I've played a few (namely WoW, Rift, and Wildstar) that are like this guild. Those who have personally helped me with the basics of stats/skills/etc you know who you are and I really appreciate you all taking the time to help me. I just hope to return the favor to new members in the future and hope to be an active leader/helper or something some day :3
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    I thought you were making a Su Pe R Nova joke but well it depends on how screwed I am after exams I guess
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    Jay (Haruka Chann)

    TTS Website Banner Contest

    Here is my TTS Heart of thorns banner IGN - Haruka Chann PM me or send a mail for requests or other art. :) 1000x288
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    Alright, So after last nights proposal, there was an interest in doing attempting to mix it up a bit during our normal wurm runs and go for the super duper speed kill. So this thread is just to inform you that we will be doing these attempts on Sunday during the normal OCE wurm spawn. If you don't usually run with us, Wurm setup begins at 12:10PM UTC so make sure you're on teamspeak at that time! We'll also keep tabs on stuff here and bounce around ideas. Initial idea for this Sunday: Amber: Double zerg Crimson: Downscale Cobalt: Portal teams? Double Zerg? Specialists: Solo reflect, 3 man condi teams Lets do this! Make sure you stock up on those fire embers, sharpening stones and max out your stats!
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    SummerBorn - Barbie Girl (+BG Music) as requested! https://soundcloud.com/ninjahdinosawrrrr/summerbornbarbiegirlremix NOTE - I did the best I could to fit in the track along with Summer'season voice, his voice was perf but he has to work on his rhythm :b #SummerMadeFabulous
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    I have been approached with this idea quite a few times since this thread showed up. A quiet place for people who wish to be involved but may not wish to have a lot of loud voices in their ears. Community members with some social anxiety or would like to chat and be social in a non verbal way and having a place to be is appropriate and ethically responsible with such a large community. A very reasonable idea, make under the party channels: "Chat Channel - Quiet" Description "Channel for those who are online but don't wish to verbally talk" Please discuss seriously.
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    Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Spicca, explaining what to do on the small flops in phase 2 of wurm: "When she squirms, slap her. Try not to take that suggestively."
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    Leader and TTS members derp page!

    Summer to some random person in Melbourne Central: "are you the Magik muffin man?"

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