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    Don't get drunk and go on TS ._.
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    The last challenge is completed, the first Wing has been beaten.... there's only one thing left to do.... do it over and over again!
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    We meet again Gorseval!
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    I am so proud of the children at work! We have been adding our nickels and dimes to the donation jar in preparation for our visit from the BCSPCA on Friday! Every little bit counts and the children are so eager and excited to be helping animals that have no homes! I am personally matching every dollar the children put together! We will present our visitor on Friday with our gift as a thank-you for visiting our class! Raising a pretty awesome next generation of humans! :P
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    Gekk Exl


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    ONE MORE ITEM AND I'LL HAVE FINALLY CRAFTED MY OWN ASCENDED ARMOR... I fought it for so long.... crafting is just no fun to me, and I like to hoard my gold like a dragon. But lvl 50 fractals!!!
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    Just married!~ Lim and I <3 Thanks TTS for helping me to meet my husband ;p
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    new forum signature is straight fire.
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    "Who wants to lead Teq tonight?"  

    "Who wants to lead Teq tonight?"
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    Me waiting for live story be like: See y'all in gaaaaammmmme!
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    so just noticed that your like aka name is Horder of Icons. <3
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    The moment of truth coming soon! Have a good 2 weeks everybody! @Addy
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    Sometimes life is like a dark tunnel. You can't always see the light at the end of the tunnel, but if you just keep moving -- you will come to a better place.
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    Thoughts and prayers for Kit The Traveler
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    Dude, every time i see your avatar, I end up listening to the song. God damn.
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    Gorseval ate my soul. Plz halp.

    Gorseval ate my soul. Plz halp.
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    Gorseval, The Guild Crusher.

    Gorseval, The Guild Crusher.
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    My falling from high places death count in central Tyria rises steadily day by day.
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    You finally got a profile pic!
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    I made a thing today for myself because I was bored and like to pretend I'm good at graphic design
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    I made an account! Gah!
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    College is hard. 

    College is hard.
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    That avatar....my god

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