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    Hey guys, Next Friday the 23rd at 10:30 am Utc we will be holding a hide and seek contest for everyone to get involved with and win gold. We will be using part of the Terror guild hall and Srouc will be turning his UI off to find you Don't worry if you're not in Terror we will get you in there. Prizes: 1st Place: 15g 2nd Place 10g 3rd Place 5g Rules: No tonics No changing where you're hiding once the seeker has started- you can move to stop being kicked out and can reset your /sleep or other emotes Must be hiding in the play area given to you by the person in charge Must not give away other people's location once your out Cannot use Oakheart Essence Transmuting and outfit changing is allowed No decorating, removing or placing items Allowed to be naked with no weapons or armour Looking forward to the fun and seeing you guys next week

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