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    PAC Reflect Calling Training

    So I'll start off with a small introduction, I'm Cari (CariJ in ts) and if you've been to any PAC wurm in basically the last month there's a 1/3rd chance that I've been your reflect caller and I've noticed a trend of not many new people stepping up to try reflect calling and just letting the same people call everyday which while I do like reflect calling it would be awesome to have more people to call as not everyone can be there everyday As most of you know Thursdays for PAC are community night so on those days I would be willing to run a reflect calling training, where I will shadow you either in the wurm channel if you just want practice or I'm sure one of the commanders would be willing to make a channel just for that where I can teach all the animations and the indicators for the animations and how to do this while in the wurm if your class can do that. (I'm sure a wurm can survive without a caller for one night) While I am willing to teach from scratch, there is this wonderful guide by Trindine that can teach the basics of reflect and calling. I'd also be wiling to do this any other day wurm is run if there is any interest in this at all

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