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    J Master starting out our TTS 2016 derps: "Valkyrie, can you be my daddy and give me a small donation of a million dollars?"
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    Thoughts and prayers for Kit The Traveler
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    For the fun of spicing this up a bit... best derp of 2015?
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    Tequatl would be terrified.
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    That's a weird way to spell "terrifying"
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    Hmm, a zerg of grandmas with knives would be interesting...
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    We need this as a Grandma tonic. It would be fun going around creeping everyone out.
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    Don't speak badly about my Gigi!
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    Leader and TTS members derp page!

    you mean like this?
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    Leader and TTS members derp page!

    "I'm getting valkyrie a quash pluggan for christmas." -FailMaster in TS 2015

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