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    Tequatl T-Shirt [TTS]
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    Raven Paradox

    Pacific Unscheduled Raids

    One of the things holding back more Pacific raids is lack of commanders available. If you'd like to community command at PAC please poke a leader and let them know. We'd love to assist you. As some of you are aware I've been testing an "NA 2" timezone, now known as "Pacific" timezone. This is meant for West Coast players/Late night players as with Day Light Savings, it's very hard for non-East coast players to make the NA timezone that live in North America. Of course though, all are welcome to join. Right now Pacific is NOT an official timezone until further notice. However, by attending Pacific Metas/Events you WILL be able to receive active status and a taco, and will be required to rep your TTS guild when attending these events. So then, what time? Good question! We will begin setting up around 3-3:15am UTC. We will NOT have a map any EARLIER than 3:30am UTC. Set up is when channels will be made/used and then advertisements for the raids/metas/events will be sent out. Since this timezone is closely in between two other timezones, the start and end time may change slightly to accommodate. For days I can attend, I plan on running everyday besides Sunday and Tuesday. Tuesday is always Leader's Night Off. That will not change. Sunday we decided to have it be a continuation of something sunday with NA. Or it may be a second Something Sunday. But since this timezone isn't official yet, I don't want to get in the way of NA's something Sunday or put a time limit on them. Keep in mind this timezone is unofficial and unscheduled. Meaning if no leader plans on running the timezone, as with any unscheduled night, an event may not happen that night. Originally I planned on having it be a vote for which raid we do, but KotJ became a clear favorite and, despite loving that meta, it's something that can quickly burn out leaders (and members). We don't want to do that, especially before the timezone is even official. For now I have set up this schedule. However, keep in mind this is only if I'm raid lead and other leaders agree to it. It's ALWAYS subject to change, especially as leaders for this timezone when it becomes official discuss the timezone more in depth. Monday - Vote Wednesday - Wurm then Teq Thursday - KotJ Friday - AB/Octovine Saturday - DS ADDED: Some nights, depending on other calender related events, there can also be an impromptu Tequatl before each raid, unless Tequatl is already scheduled for that night (like Wednesday). It will be the 3am UTC SPawn Hope to see you guys there!
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    4th TTS PKMN TRNY- Winter Edition

    Can I still register ? If so, 0103-9460-8895
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    The practice point is moot, people can practice if they wish, but we don't need 15 people. The learning point is moot because we don't reserve slots for new people to learn how to reflect and the teams almost always are filled with experienced people. For a time, when I was a probie, I would hold back on allowing experienced people to reflect to give those new to it a chance to step up to learn. This has never happened on a regular enough basis to justify consistently running 15 man reflect teams, as the excuse that it "is for learning" is, frankly, the "go to" response that has no substantive basis, at least as far as NA is concerned. [edit] I should add that this is especially true now that the Revenant tablet is a thing.

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