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    TTS News Radio #18

    This week we talk about Donkey Kong, Dudley Do-Right, and Dingleberries!
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    Sera Rosso

    Drunken Teq

    Is it like a dungeon kind of trap? Those aren't always so bad...
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    Heart of Thorns Notes

    I'm having negative expectations. That way I won't get disappointed. Kinda like no expectations but expecting they'll screw it up somehow
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    Drunken Teq

    A fun one
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    Rachel Roqux

    Drunken Teq

    The great thing is people can make up their own games or rules! Drink whenever Merf makes an amazing pun? Sure! Drink if I say aboot or Summer mentions Murellows? Absolutely! If you are a warrior, drink whenever you use thousand blades? Go for it!
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    Sera Rosso

    Drunken Teq

    No. No no no no NO NO NO. Do not do this. No matter how drunk Rachel is.

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