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    I have been approached with this idea quite a few times since this thread showed up. A quiet place for people who wish to be involved but may not wish to have a lot of loud voices in their ears. Community members with some social anxiety or would like to chat and be social in a non verbal way and having a place to be is appropriate and ethically responsible with such a large community. A very reasonable idea, make under the party channels: "Chat Channel - Quiet" Description "Channel for those who are online but don't wish to verbally talk" Please discuss seriously.
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    Typing only channel .-. faceguy approves
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    Adorable Pet Pictures

    My german shepherds when they where just little puppies
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    Can we have a non-AFK silent channel?

    /me slaps yall with a trout
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    About you!

    There might be no other place on earth as pretty as Alaska during the summer. And outside of Antarctica and Siberia and parts of far-northern Canada, maybe no place as miserable during the winter. I suppose it sort of takes the latter to make you really appreciate the former. Jesus, those winters were bad, though. Excellent experience all around, in any event, and I got to see a bunch of amazing things and places. However, there's a certain sort of... I dunno how to explain it, really, other than a kind of strain to living and working in such a remote place. I mean, we'd have things that would break and you couldn't just drive into town and replace it. We would have to charter a plane to come to fly out into the middle of nowhere, brave a bad dirt landing strip, just to get stuff. And that was only if weather permitted (I imagine the Australian outback has some similar issues). Part of why I got out. Yet, sometimes, I really miss it. Maybe someday I'll go back when I'm less focused on making a living and can enjoy it more. And avoid those dark winters entirely.
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    Brother Andres

    Guild Wars 1 Group

    It's only kurzick right now because that's the faction I need to max, once that's done it will be swapping back to luxon :)
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    About you!

    I'm going to have to ask you to leave. ;p
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    Adorable Pet Pictures

    Ok this from left to right is teraFLOPS Wednesday, Razor and Shady. Shady and Tera Cuddling Wednesday chilling in a box (you can SORTA see Shady behind her) This is Pepe (in front) and Fizban (in the back) cuddling in a hammock. This is Yin chilling with me under a blanket in the crook of my arm. And yin's brother Yang looking all excited and happy. I couldn't find pictures of Yin and Yang when they were grown up, they are probably on my other hard drive. These are the rats that we used to have, they are such sweet loving animals. Sadly however they have very short life spans (a max of about 3 years with very rare individuals living to about 4) and the emotional toll that it took on us when they died was insane so we do not have any right now. We do have 2 dogs a cat and a snake which I will post at a later date.
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    Adorable Pet Pictures

    Noie, I feel for ya, I have had 8 rats in my life and they never live lon enough. I will post some pics of them when I get on my pc alon with pics of my other animals.
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    Adorable Pet Pictures

    So about three weeks ago, a kitty wandered up to my front door, I tried and tried to find its home, no chip or anything... I didn't have the heart to put her up for adoption, so she joined the family :) This is my dogs first time seeing her. Doggy is a silly short black lab named Piper :D
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