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    We deal with a lot of...stuff...in the leadership and a lot of times it's tough. However every now and again, it's these little snippets that come through that make us realise that through all the blood sweat and tears, it's worth it. I'll update this thread as more comes through but for now, you people keep on being awesome: If you do have any positive feedback you'd like to share, feel free to submit a HR report or use the contact form on our website.
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    ~Intro to Training Raids~ *These raids are open to all TTS members - you do not have to be a member of Teleportation.* Welcome to Training Raids. We're here to share our knowledge and help you learn in the hopes of finding more people to raid with. Training raids are not intended to get you kills or clears, though with an experienced enough group, you might be able to kill some bosses. The goal is for you to become skilled enough and familiar with the mechanics to join PUG raids in LFG or a static raiding group. We offer several training sessions every week to work with different timezones, which can be found on the main events calendar. No signup or previous experience with raids is required, all you need to do is show up in the Teamspeak channel (10 Man Raids, under Small Groups) a few minutes in advance. Specific bosses will usually not be decided until setup time, and depend on the levels of experience within the groups and raid instances available. Most new raiders will start out on the Vale Guardian in Spirit Vale (wing 1), the Escort encounter that begins Stronghold of the Faithful (wing 3), or the early bosses of Bastion of the Penitent (wing 4). Looking at guides and/or videos for these bosses can be helpful, but is not necessary to join us. We expect all participants at training raids, whether new or experienced, to follow a few simple rules, in order to give everyone the best possible experience. *Be honest and respectful.* Raids are not like any other PvE. Raids are not PvP or WvW. Raids are highly difficult, with their own mechanics and specific gear, build and role requirements. The most experienced raiders in GW2 can clear raids using unusual builds and group compositions, but to learn the mechanics you will need to gear up according to certain standards. The learning process can take a lot of time, and you can expect to make many mistakes and wipe many times before getting even the first kill. Often, feedback will need to be directed at specific classes or people in an attempt to correct problems that arise. When you do mess up, don't be afraid to admit it immediately or ask questions on how to improve, and remember that everyone learns at different speeds. We also ask that you show up on time and commit 2 hours to a training session, and respect the effort others are putting in by stepping back if you are unable to do so. *Communicate and be responsive.* (Non-responsiveness = dead person and dead people can't play GW2) Every member of a raid team is required to at least listen in Teamspeak and be able to respond to directions, calls and questions from the raid leader. Using a mic is not required but can help with communication. All instructions will be given through Teamspeak, including the initial gathering, explanations of the bosses, and actually doing the raids. Although the general ideas of each raid encounter will be the same, each raid leader may have different ways of running their training, so over time you will get to hear a variety of opinions and strategies. *Always bring your A-Game, food, build and gear.* We require any character that you wish to raid on to be using a meta build. The most up-to-date builds, which are also the ones we most prefer, can be found on the website for Quantify (qT), linked below. Please keep your stats as close to 1000 toughness as possible unless you intend to tank, in which case you should aim for just over 1400 toughness. In general, the introductory raid encounters can be done in exotic armor, but you are heavily encouraged to replace it with ascended armor as soon as possible. Ascended trinkets are a must (except for a chronotank) as are having the correct runes and sigils. General stat suggestions for a first set: Warrior - Berserker's or Viper's Revenant - Berserker's Guardian - Berserker's Ranger - Magi's or Viper's Engineer - Viper's Thief - Berserker's Necromancer - Viper's Mesmer - Berserker's/Commander's, depending on intended toughness and boon duration Elementalist - Berserker's Link to builds: http://qtfy.eu/builds - qT's build pages - pick your class from here! http://metabattle.com can be used for comparison and additional info, but may not be completely updated. It is useful to pick up a Permanent Portable Provisioner from the Outfitter in WvW for some cheap food and utilities. Some tier 6 food is also advisable for more difficult bosses or serious attempts. *Know your class!* Within the meta, each class and its build has its own strengths that make them more suited for specific roles. Common Raid Roles: Tank (for bosses that base on toughness) - chronomancer Healer - druid or tempest Condi - reaper, druid/ranger, engineer, berserker Power - tempest, daredevil, dragonhunter, herald, berserker, chronomancer Certain classes are often favoured for specific boss mechanics - these will be explained in training. qT's build pages include videos of DPS rotations. It is very helpful to learn a rotation separately from the raids, as this will allow you to better focus on mechanics. The Special Forces Training Area, accessible from the raid lobby with a 10 man squad, is a useful place to try things out under specific conditions that you can set up. You should be familiar with any of your abilities within your build that apply CC (crowd control). These may be used to break defiance bars, slow approaching enemies, or pull enemies to desired locations. Knowing your class can also involve being able to effectively use your damage mitigation, movement skills, and other ways of helping your team. ~Obtaining Ascended Gear~ Amulet All stats: Blood Ruby Amulet: 125 Blood Rubies and 3000 Unbound Magic from Bloodstone Fen Jade Pendant: 125 Jade Shards and 3000 Unbound Magic from Lake Doric Fire Orchid Garland: 125 Fire Orchid Blossoms and 3000 Unbound Magic from Draconis Mons Limited stats: 30 Laurels from a Laurel Vendor in PvE 20 Laurels and 250 Badges of Honor from a Laurel Vendor in WvW Other: A Sinister amulet can be bought from the Silverwastes for 1000 Bandit Crests. (Easiest obtainable one requires going through the Point of No Return story from Living Season 2.) Accessories Note that accessories (other than those obtained from raids) are unique, so you cannot use two copies of the same item. All stats: Sparking Petrified Wood: 150 Petrified Wood and 4000 Unbound Magic from Ember Bay Black Ice Earring: 300 Fresh Winterberries and 4000 Unbound Magic from Bitterfrost Frontier Limited stats: 12 Guild Commendations and 5 Gold from the Guild Commendation Trader in the Guild Initiative Office (Postern Ward, Lion's Arch) or Stalwart Ben in either of the guild halls Rings Note that rings (other than those obtained from raids) are unique, so you cannot use two copies of the same item. This can be worked around by attuning or infusing one ring. All stats: Blood Ruby Ring: 100 Blood Rubies and 2000 Unbound Magic from Bloodstone Fen Black Ice Band: 200 Fresh Winterberries and 2000 Unbound Magic from Bitterfrost Frontier Gilded Orchid Band: 100 Fire Orchid Blossoms and 2000 Unbound Magic from Draconis Mons Limited stats: 35 Laurels from a Laurel Vendor 10 Pristine Fractal Relics from BUY-2046 PFR in the Fractal lobby Backpiece These backpieces are easily farmed from their maps and offer all stats for selection. Other methods exist but may be more expensive, time-consuming, or limited. Blood Ruby Backpack: 200 Blood Rubies and 5000 Unbound Magic from Bloodstone Fen Lava Skull Backpack: 200 Petrified Wood and 5000 Unbound Magic from Ember Bay Icebrood Horn Backpack: 400 Fresh Winterberries and 5000 Unbound Magic from Bitterfrost Frontier White Mantle Scroll: 200 Jade Shards and 5000 Unbound Magic from Lake Doric ---Stat Swapping--- Ascended weapons and armor can be stat swapped in the Mystic Forge with the following recipe: Item to be stat swapped Exotic inscription (weapon) or insignia (armor) of the desired stats 5 Ectoplasm Anthology of Heroes, bought from Miyani next to the forge Blood Ruby trinkets can have their stats reset using a Bloodstone Capacitor, bought for 100 Unbound Magic in Bloodstone Fen.
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    This is a link to a google spreadsheet that contains all Tyria and HoT Legendary weapons released. It gives a breakdown of what Gifts and Materials needed. Some are somewhat condensed to conserve space (because no one likes scrolling for days) and for ambiguous material needs, such as Mystic Clovers (forging is not an absolute guarantee), some side research on GW2 Wikipedia is highly encouraged. Legendary Weapon Master List Each entry for a particular Legendary is contained in a tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet for navigation. Some Pro-Tips on making Legendaries: Unwritten Clover Rule: Always forge for Mystic Clovers first before completing your Gift of Might and Magic. Forging Mystic Clovers gives probably 8/10 times T6 materials required for Might/Magic. It's a less expensive way to acquire while getting your Mystic Clovers. My very first Legendary, was actually Twilight and Sunrise together, and I did Clovers last. It was kind of painful, because I was relegated to unending days in Silverwastes hunting for Obsidian Shards. I would not recommend spending your 30 Day Log-In Reward on Clovers, and instead, keep getting Laurels. -Click HERE for Mystic Clover Single and Bulk Recipe Obsidian Shards: To get these at a faster rate, take advantage of the Karma Vendor located at Temple of Balthazar in Straights of Devastation. For 21k Karma, you can buy 10 Obsidian Shards at a time. The Waypoint Link: [&BPoCAAA=]. Additionally, if you have the Karmic Converter and the Ley-Energy Matter Converter, once a day you can for certain purchase Obsidian Shards from the Karmic, and occasionally from the Ley-Energy. The Ley-Energy Converter ALSO sells Crafting Bags of various tiers occasionally as well. The Heavy Crafting Bag will contain extra T6 materials. Your Guild Hall Commendation Trader will also let you buy Obsidian Shards for Commendations. You can generally acquire 15 a day from the Trader, and upwards 30 a day if they offer the Heavy Obsidian Shard bag. -Click HERE for Karmic Converter particulars -Click HERE for Ley-Energy Matter Converter particulars -Click HERE for Tactician Deathstrider Karma Vendor particulars; He is only available when Temple of Balthazar has been reclaimed. T6 Materials: If you have more lower tier materials of the higher tier you need, you can upgrade in Forge or via crafting for some specific ones you need. Gemstones for example, need Jeweler to transmogrify into higher tiers. This is especially useful for Legendaries requiring 100 Opal Orbs, or for Amalgamated Gemstones. -Click HERE for Amalgamated Gemstone crafting recipes. These can also be acquired through crafting or through daily HoT meta of Verdant Brink, Auric Basin, Tangled Depths and Dragon Stand. Max 4 free a day. -Click HERE for Transmogrification table. It is collapsible by tier and most gemstones are available to upgrade. Precursor Crafting For the extended spreadsheet on precursor crafting, as well as some additional notes and material requirements, see the list provided below for the google spreadsheet. Feel free to import to your own spreadsheet so you can edit as you wish or simply refer to the ones here. Along the bottom of the spreadsheet are tabs indicating which tier of the precursor you are working on. The last page will contain material requirements. Astralaria - The Mechanism The Bifrost - The Legend Bolt - Zap Juggernaut Precursor: In Volume I, you must Ponder and Kneel before several POI/Statues and such. Gekk Exl, fabulous she, has made a few notes on the subject. -Click HERE for her notes and where to do what action.
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    Hi all! I'm Tami, and I've been a member of TTS for a little while now. I joined up when I first started playing GW2, and left several months in, but now I'm back. I've been playing since late 2015, but took a break late 2016 to start my military career. Went to bootcamp, had an awful time, started specialty training, got kicked out for a number of health issues, started a different training, and I'll be graduating soon (finally). My schedule is a little erratic, but I'm on most weekends and afternoons. If you'd like to add me in game, I'm TamiyoMoon.8423. My main is Tami Moon (sylvari DH), along with Kiora Blue Waves (human Tempest), Xitaa Strionic (asura mesmer), and Skyshroud Felidar (charr ranger). I'm pretty active in the general GW community- I command Triple Trouble at almost every slot and have done so for about a year now. (Trindine-approved TT guides coming soon). I do most HoT metas, Teq, anything provided that I'm awake enough and not being lazy >.> When I'm not gaming or in class, I'm usually swimming, sleeping, or going to the beach. Pensacola beaches are pretty nice, but there's sooo many people there ;-;
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    So my old roommate joined us for a few runs back when I was a leader and apparently loved my spiel for training as well as the memes. Fast forward a lot to today where he started making some characters in XCOM. Someone please send help. Aliens are scary unlike undead dragon minions
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    I'm actually screaming about the bit with the 99.75 children, omg. So the real question is, when did the initial 11.25 happen?
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    Hey guys, Next Friday the 23rd at 10:30 am Utc we will be holding a hide and seek contest for everyone to get involved with and win gold. We will be using part of the Terror guild hall and Srouc will be turning his UI off to find you Don't worry if you're not in Terror we will get you in there. Prizes: 1st Place: 15g 2nd Place 10g 3rd Place 5g Rules: No tonics No changing where you're hiding once the seeker has started- you can move to stop being kicked out and can reset your /sleep or other emotes Must be hiding in the play area given to you by the person in charge Must not give away other people's location once your out Cannot use Oakheart Essence Transmuting and outfit changing is allowed No decorating, removing or placing items Allowed to be naked with no weapons or armour Looking forward to the fun and seeing you guys next week
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    So this happened in VB today. I was in too much shock to take a screenshot, but thankfully someone else (Talonjane) managed to snap this beauty.
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    Another year, another super raffle by me!. This time, there will be 6 Black Lion Claim Ticket weapon skins up for grabs. Each time we reach a threshold of gold entries, more tickets will be available up for grabs, limited to 6. The following will be the breakdown of each threshold. Tier 1: 1 Black Lion Claim Ticket Weapon Skin Tier 2: 2 Black Lion Claim Ticket Weapon Skin (150g) Tier 3: 3 Black Lion Claim Ticket Weapon Skin (250g) Tier 4: 4 Black Lion Claim Ticket Weapon Skin (350g) Max Tier: 6 Black Lion Claim Ticket Weapon Skin (600g) How to enter: Each entry is 1g and there’s unlimited entries. In game mail Nexforce.1654 with your account name (name.1234) Any entries without or incorrect account name will be counted as a donation, and not be part of the entry. Anyone can enter. Prizes: As mentioned above, there will be up to 6 Black Lion Ticket Claim available. Therefore, up to 6 winners, but there might be a chance for someone to win 2 or more times. The weapon skin will be for the current weapon set which cost 1 Black Lion Claim Ticket. Of course the drawing will be done live, and it will be transparent to anyone interested. So the more entries you enter, the more chances of winning more than just 1 prize. Deadline: The raffle will run for 2 weeks. The end date for all entries will be on June 10th 2AM UTC (After June 9th, Friday NA/PAC events). Drawing will happen at the end of events. List of entries: http://goo.gl/NXxS6H PS: @Erik I hope this time, the format doesn't hurt. :P
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    It's been quite awhile since I tried my hand at pixel art. Since we start doing speed Teq attempts again, I have been increasingly unhappy with my Tequatl icons and had a moment of inspiration. Here are my proposals for replacements: Hopefully they look better than the dreadful existing one () and still read well. Edit 1: bonus (half-assed) Shatterer recolour, though I only like the silver one.
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    New raid group, OCE times with day to come. Will plan for Monday after OCE events but open to change times if the group has a better time. I am new to half the bosses, and far from an expert on the rest so if there's an experienced person(s) who wants a group and doesn't mind leading a bunch of noobs ( @Qaezie) through raids weekly then we welcome you. Please have at least 1 character geared up as per QT builds (or near enough). As per the other groups, register interest in this thread like; accountname.#### Days available after OCE events Class 1 geared, experience class 2 geared, experience etc. Boss experience
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    Ok, if you are in the tts raid slack already and havent joined the channel please do so. If you arent in the slack group you will need to contact @Merforga to invite you, I believe the requirements are that you belong to the Raid guild but I am not 100% sure on that, hopefully Merf can confirm. Slack will be used so people can communicate easier, I can set up the times and people can give indications of whether they will be there or not etc. I will also be creating a spreasheet with everyones classes and experience with bosses, and availability. You will be invited to edit it so your own information is correct. We will meet Monday 5th June after OCE Events, 2pm UTC (please convert to whichever timezone you are in). See you all soon.
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    I'm pretty interested, just got an invite to the guild and I'm fairly new overall. Please be patient, I have plebism. Account name is CrustyBot.3564. Chronomancer geared (Minstrel & Zerk sets, though I've been pigeon holed into tanking in other groups so I'd rather avoid tanking if possible). Reaper geared (GS Condi, would prefer to raid with this toon if a DPS slot is open). Druid geared (Magi Regen, still learning how to play in daily T4s but would be interested to raid if we need healers and/or once I'm more proficient). Daredevil geared (D/D Condi, still learning how to play. More comfortable on my Reaper as a DPS but happy to practice and learn). As for bosses I've beaten and find myself comfortable with VG, Escort and the first 3 bosses of wing 4. I've also had enough Gorseval and Sloth runs that I think I won't screw up too much. :P
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    All females. Cos I prefer looking at females and I'd rather spend time customising a female toon than a male toon I identify as a raid scrub
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