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Guild Wars 2 Taco Stand


  1. Open World PvE

    Dragons, Quaggans, and Tengu are among some of the things discussed inside of here. An all encompassing section for Guild Wars 2 related chat. Whether it be patch-notes, Heart of Thorns information, or Mike O'Brien smiling ever so brightly about the next big thing, you can discuss it here.

  2. Raids

    Challenging Group Content -- Whether it be Xera gliding fails or Samarog impalement - you'll find it all in the raids section.

  3. Guides

    While TTS offers its' own guides, often times we can't cover everything. The community, however, has you covered for this patch's meta builds, as well as a plethora of other areas. Whether it be World Vs. World, PvP, Fractals, Dungeons, or more, you can generally find a guide covering it.