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  2. I always appreciated your presence, Meggly, in events or raids. I hope your Health improves, and wish u all the happiness. <3
  3. "Yuzorra's Yoyos" is a static raid group that runs on weekends at these times: Saturday 2pm - 5pm (server time) Sunday 2pm - 4pm (server time) We would like to recruit you if you are semi-exp or exp, and you want to clear raid wings reliably and quickly AND you want to take on spicy Challenge Modes! :D If you have attended a few training raids, and are a quick learner, you can finish becoming a True Raider with us. We are pretty friendly, and it is preferrable if you can use voice (either teamspeak or discord). It is good if you have at least one main class, and one other class that you can raid on, so you have a little flexibility. Most of us are multiclass. Contacts us on in-game mail: Epiril.5863 or iPlayForFree.1524
  4. Br Issy (morphearown) Khaleesi Ice (Shinta)
  5. So long and thanks for all the fishheads

    Always sad to see when a commander steps down. But you have to take care of yourself. Take care.
  6. So long and thanks for all the fishheads

    Also, you all got too close to discovering the truth of whether or not Merf and I were the same person, so if I disappear for a while, maybe you'll all forget
  7. It's with a lot of sadness that I announce that I'm stepping down as CO of OCE and as a commander. I love TTS and will not be leaving it, but I have not been very well for the last few months and I am not giving you, the wonderful community what you need from me. So for now I'm stepping down and leaving you in the very capable hands of the others so I can focus on my health and getting myself better. I will still be around, I will still show up randomly, and who knows I may even be willing to lead every now and then with a few sound effects. But until the day comes when I can give you what you all need again, like a catmander tag, I'll be taking my place back in the community rather than in the leadership group. Before I let go of the responsibility though, let me give you one piece of advice: If you find yourself in game feeling lost , bored or in need of a bit of cheering up, I encourage you all to take yourself to the start of the waterfall inside the gate at Eastwatch in Auric Basin and find the point at which the water drags your character down the waterfall without you pressing any keys. As you do this, make sure you make the sound effect of a small excited child shouting out 'weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' as you go down the waterslide. Preferably do this whilst on teamspeak with friends and them not knowing what the heck is going on. Bewarned it does come with the risk that you may giggle so much you can no longer breathe. But I promise you'll have fun! Thank you to my fellow commanders who have put up with me, and the community who is the reason we are all here. Meggly
  8. Edit: I found my previous introduction post in the "General Chat" section, so I'm sorry for duplicating it, but if your interested, read this anyway, as it has different info about me than the one I posted 7 months ago. I'm still hoping to make friends in this guild, who I can play content with regularly. Hello all TTS Gamers! I've been playing GW2 since about 5 or 6 months after launch, and I've been a member of TTS guild long enough to have been kicked once for lack of activity (IIRC), and joined again, or had my membership reinstated, can't remember which. I can't remember, because I'm an old fart, born in the mid 1950's, and I have a Grandson, who is in High School as I type this message. I've been using my nick-name since the early days of the Internet, before most of you were born, when my first home computer was a used Commodore "Amiga A1000" computer, that I purchased some time in 1986. It was a fantastic machine with 4 channels of 8-bit sound, 4096 colors available, and the best multi-tasking operating system of any home computer system from that time period. It is not widely known, because the bad mis-management of Commodore, which was once the largest personal computer manufacturer in the world, forced the company into bankruptcy proceedings in 1994, and doomed most computer users around the world, to using Windows. I won't bore you with any more about the Amiga, unless you ask, but that is where the first half of my nick-name comes from, not some Spanish transgender site or group. ;-) GW2 is the first and only MMO that I play, and I was introduced to it through my youngest Son, who played GW1 for several years, and he was leaving home to go to college right around the time GW2 was released. I purchased GW1, but never installed or played it, because I wanted to know what it was, and why my Son was spending so much time playing it with his friends. I purchased and started playing GW2, because I wanted to keep in touch with my Son while he was away at college, and I thought it might be fun to participate with him often, to keep up with what was happening in his life. Unfortunately, his play style is very different than mine, as he focuses mostly on PvP, and WvW, while I am more laid back, and enjoy the PvE and Story content of the game, so we rarely play any GW2 content together, so I am forced to wait weeks or months between his emails, or phone calls home to me, instead of keeping in contact weekly with GW2 as I had hoped. I'm not complaining (much) though, as I have become thoroughly hooked on GW2, and very much enjoy playing it almost every day, even if it is only for 20 to 30 minutes. I'm writing this late introduction of myself here, because I am hoping to make some new friends, and do more content with guild mates, as I work toward becoming more proficient with several different classes of characters, so I can RAID with confidence and work toward obtaining Legendary Armor. My main is a Norn Ranger/Druid/SoulBeast, which I used a Total Make-Over Kit to change from male to female, so I could shorten it as much as possible, after finding out how badly I suck at jumping puzzles. My 2nd most used toon is a male Human Guardian/Dragon Hunter. I have a total of 18 level 80 characters, as I wanted to experience all story lines, or at least one of each profession, then expanded my alts to include at least one female and one male of every race. I later expanded my alts further, to include one Asura race toon of each profession. I've finished map completion with 4 or 5 of my toons, and I'm currently making progress to complete all story and "Living World" events, with a couple of my alts, as I feel that I rushed through the story and Living World events too quickly on my main, and did not fully understand all of the content. I'm also doing it again, so I can obtain more of the ascended gear that is earned during the process of story and Living World completion. I have maxed out all crafting professions, except for Scribe, as I had no interest in doing Guild Hall decorations, but did want the ability to craft ascended weapons and armor. I have crafted 4 complete sets of ascended armor (2 sets of light armor, and 1 each of medium and heavy), and at least one ascended weapon of every type, with 2 or 3 of the weapons which can be "dual wielded", as well as 7 legendary weapons, although I sold the legendary trident, so I could buy the precursor for my Twilight great sword. I'm a little burned out on grinding to craft more legendary weapons, so I'm taking a break from that for a short while, and will get back to working on more of them in the future, as I have purchased several of the cheaper precursors. The expensive ones, like the dagger, and maybe the BiFrost staff, I will use the HoT method to craft the precursors. Sorry for such a long introduction, I'll close this with an invitation to all TTS members to look me up "in game", if you need any assistance crafting, or completing any content. I'm always up for helping out fellow guild members, and I much prefer playing GW2 with friends, than playing it alone, or with pugs.
  9. Just married!~ Lim and I <3

    Thanks TTS for helping me to meet my husband ;p


    dfdfdfdsdffffffffffffff - Copy.jpg

  10. The gateway is stable. Let's proceed.

  11. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    And a little something I bought for my birthday. Fun fact: It's the first Nintendo System I've owned since the Gameboy Advance.
  12. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    Just some random novelty items. Nothing to see here.
  13. TTS Training Raids

    Is there any chance we can have an advance training of individuals who want/need to learn green duty at Dhuum including myself?
  14. OCE Training Raids - Update

    Is there any chance we can have a training of individuals on green duty at Dhuum?
  15. [NA] Trust Issues recruitment

    Wish i could join, especially seeing as my raid group disbanded last week.
  16. [NA] Trust Issues recruitment

    Hi all, Trust Issues is looking for 2 members to join the team. We currently raid on Monday’s at 5pm - 8pm UTC sharp and have also been running on Wednesdays at the same time if we don’t get all done. We are a full clear team (will have Dhuum on farm soon enough) and are looking for people who are experienced and can pull their own weight. Multi class is preferred but we need competent chronos (not to say we don’t have currently......saber and mindset you’re awesome â¤ï¸) and dps. We try to keep it fun and relaxed but always making sure to focus when needed.......also occasionally we meme and kill our own for the luls. Shoot me an ingame mail at jprescott.8601 if you’re interested with your experience and feel free to drop into teamspeak on Monday. Thanks!
  17. What are you listening to currently?

    and the original
  18. The Teq Squad Guild Missions

    The Teq Squad Guild Mission time change. It will now start at 6:00PM UTC starting on March 11th, 2018. For those that live in North America and does Daylight Saving, your local time doesn't change. It will still be 2:00pm EDT1:00pm CDT12:00pm MDT11:00am PDT
  19. OCE has a new Probie. Welcome Gorzon!

    I am terrible at making good sandwiches . I can provide an evil cup of coffee though (and cake, of course)
  20. OCE has a new Probie. Welcome Gorzon!

    Congrats, and hope you're good at making sandwiches.
  21. OCE has a new Probie. Welcome Gorzon!

    Too late to hide (What did I get myself into )
  22. Congratulations!! (interesting title btw )
  23. A giant welcome to the team to Gorzon, OCE's new Probie
  24. Congratulations to Oldack on becoming OCE's newest Commander.
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