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  3. Serpent's Ire Guide

    Just gotta now figure out what caused the health swapping/regening the other night.
  4. Introduction

    Welcome to the guild! Just so you know there are Training Raids hosted by TTS 3 different times throughout the week. This calendar (http://ttsgamers.com/event-calendar/) goes by server time, or UTC. You can save it to your google calendar to convert it to your timezone if you wish. Also, as you can see, there are various times a week scheduled for guild missions and various, farmable open world events. Simply pick whichever training raid time, guild mission slot, or event set that best suits you (NA primetime, West Coast NA [aka Pacific, or PAC for short], or OCE - EU primetime events aren't currently active, and haven't been for some time). As for dungeons and fractals, sometimes people advertise in their guilds for those. Not currently anything organized by the guild for those, unfortunately. PvP and WvW are in a similar boat, as TTS is a PvE-centered organization. While I haven't been a leader for some time, I hope my information was helpful to you. Cheers!
  5. Introduction

    Hi All, I've been playing GW2 for more than 4 years now, mostly doing PVE stuff alone or with pugs, though I have tried a few different guilds, looking for a good fit, and I hope that TTS will be the end of my searching. I have been hoping to find a guild that actively works toward making this game more fun to play, by incorporating group play and teaching. I think that many players wish to learn how to play more than one profession well, and/or how to maximize the effectiveness of their play on their main character. TTS seems to me to be one of the few guilds that cares about training players how to be more effective at many different parts of this huge GW2 gaming experience. Even though I have over 6,000 hours of logged playing time on GW2, I know that I still have lots to learn, and that I could improve my play style and effectiveness, if I had a few mentors willing to teach me what they know. GW2 is the only computer game I play, and I still enjoy it a great deal, but know that I could enjoy it even more, playing with a group of people that I get to know over time, by playing group content together. There are still many parts of the HoT maps and events that I have not completed, but would like to. I haven't even tried a single RAID yet, but really want to do that too. I am open to the idea of becoming more active in WvW and starting out at the bottom of playing PvP, but would prefer to learn how to play those parts of the game better from experienced players, instead of just randomly learning by trial and error, over a longer period of time. I won't drag this introduction out any longer (I have a tendency to ramble on too long sometimes), but I would appreciate any feedback from other TTS members, leaders, council members, or the "Keeper", either confirming that I have found the right guild, or telling me that I should keep looking elsewhere, because my expectations are not aligned with the goals of TTS. Here is a condensed list of what I want to do in GW2 in the future: Raids - I have at least one, if not two, level 80 toons for every profession, ascended armor sets in light, medium & heavy armor weights, & at least one of each ascended weapon (6 legendary weapons I crafted), and I'm willing to craft more to get the right stats on my weapons and armors. Fractals - currently at level 43 fractal rewards with about 90 to 95 agony resistance, but want to increase reward level, and agony resistance, so I can play tier 4 fractals WvW - want to learn all the maps better, and the most common strategies to help win points. So far, I have only entered WvW to buy Gift of Battle for crafting Legendary weapons. PvP - would really like to perfect my play style on multiple toon professions, to at least average capabilities, so I can be an asset to most teams, not a detriment. I have played almost zero PvP so far. Guild Missions, Dungeons, Fractals, and any other repetitive content - would like to become proficient, so I can assist others in completing content successfully. Sorry for such a long post. Looking forward to meeting other TTS members in game soon. Lastly, Amiga is the name of a discontinued (fantastic) computer from the mid 1980's, which was my first computer. I've been using the AmigaDave nickname since the Internet was very young.
  6. Serpent's Ire Guide

    Awesome guide!
  7. Craft Services

    I'm also available to help any members with crafting needs, as I have maxed out all crafting professions. Just contact me in game, and send the materials needed with a note telling me what you want crafted.
  8. Serpent's Ire Guide

    Serpent's Ire Written by Trindine Images by Trindine, Mealla Fallas, and Phil Hunter In the far east of Vabbi, Forgotten zealots lurk in the Brand... It is up to you to draw them out and end their threat. The Serpent's Ire meta spawns every 90 minutes in the eastern section of the Domain of Vabbi. There are three phases to this event, with the second phase being most demanding on the group for defiance bar management and DPS. Phase 1 takes place across the Brand and consists of luring out and defeating five zealots. The remaining two phases are centred around the Ruins of the Mirror of Lyss Point of Interest. The zealots will attempt to channel an explosion, and killing them leads to the final Forgotten boss with his pet hydra. - Table of Contents - Setting up Phase 1: Zealot hunt Phase 2: The great CC test Phase 3: Boss and his pet Tips and Recommendations Setting up Event area and waypoint. The waypoint for this event is Market Ruins Waypoint, in the centre of the Brand. Players will require a skimmer mount to survive in the open due to the lightning effect of the area. Going down in this area without the protection of a djinn barrier or cover from above will cause instant death. New characters can most easily access the event using the teleport on the Spearmarshal's Plea item, or entering from the Windswept Haven guild hall. The event can be done comfortably with approximately one squad of 50. Players are split into 5 roughly balanced groups before the event starts, and have the five spawns of the zealots marked for Phase 2. One will be found at each corner of the court, and one at the Point of Interest. Area for phases 2 and 3 with zealot spawns marked. Phase 1: Zealot hunt To start, players must spread out and kill veteran or higher ranked Branded creatures in order to fill the orange bar. For each 20% that the bar is filled, one zealot will spawn somewhere in the Brand. The zealots' locations will not be revealed until someone has attacked it to start its event, which will place it on the map for all players in the area. Zealots are identified by their champion rank and bright magenta glow, and once engaged will have two random ley energy effects like the bounty targets found in Path of Fire. Often, a djinn will be near the zealot spawn and will move its protective shield close to the zealot to help with the fight. There is an 8 minute limit to defeat a zealot after it is revealed, and a 30 minute timer on the overall phase. Players should try to spread out between hunting Branded, finding zealots, and fighting revealed zealots, until all five have been defeated. Example of an unrevealed zealot, and one in combat displaying bounty-style abilities. Once the zealots have been dealt with, a timer will count down to the next phase. Players should use this time to move to their assigned spots and prepare their builds for CC and damage. Phase 2: The great CC test From this point onward, the djinn will protect all players in the courtyard from Branded lightning, so it is safe to walk around. The five zealots will spawn in their fixed locations and begin channelling an explosion, which has an orange bar on the side ticking down as they progress. If this bar is depleted, all players in the area are instantly downed, and the event ends. For each zealot that is channelling the spell, all zealots that are alive will gain one stack of Defensive Veil, which reduces their damage taken by 33%. This can only be removed by breaking their defiance bars, which interrupts their casting and allows some damage for a brief period, after which the bar returns and must be broken again. As there are 5 zealots to start, at least 3 of them must be broken simultaneously in order for any significant damage to be done. The common strategy is for each group to use a combination of soft CCs (which do damage over time to the defiance bar) and hard CCs (which do direct defiance bar damage) to break all zealots as quickly and frequently as possible. CC coordination is both extremely difficult and unnecessary - when every group is doing similar things, DPS can be focused when the zealot is stunned and interrupted. When the first zealot is killed, that group should prioritize the one with the next lowest HP, as each zealot killed slows the progress of the explosion permanently, and frees up more people to help the slower groups. All 5 zealots must be finished off before the bar empties out to proceed to Phase 3. Phase 3: Boss and his pet In the final fight, there is a timer of 20 minutes to defeat the Forgotten Ysshi Hessani and the hydra Pet Rakt Grag. Damage should be always be focused on Ysshi rather than Grag, as when the hydra is killed, as long as Ysshi is alive, it will be revived with 50% health. Ideally, a few players can lure the hydra away from the main group to reduce damage to both sides. However, if the bosses become stacked, it is not worth trying to hold off on Grag, because it is likely to die first from cleave and AoE damage in combination with Ysshi's mechanics. Every minute, Ysshi will switch between immunity to melee and immunity to ranged, indicated by a blue icon. Note that this is determined by the type of attack used, not the distance you attack from (so range type attacks at melee range will still be blocked). Ysshi has a defiance bar which can be broken throughout the fight for a short stun and damage bonus, although immunities still apply. The fight can be difficult to see due to the large number of players and effects in the area, and many of the enemy attacks will knock players down and away. Branded crystals send out patterns of fire, but are easily destroyed. Midway through the fight, some new attacks are added. Players standing in front of the hydra are at risk of the crystal breath, which gains the effect of miniaturizing anyone hit. This effect lasts for one minute but cannot be removed. It prevents reviving and mounting, and greatly reduces damage dealt. A bright beam connecting a player to Ysshi will warn players of a fear attack, which is avoided by turning the character's model away from the boss. Ysshi during his invulnerable "sparks" phase. Starting at 25%, Ysshi will go invulnerable for about a minute and begin spawning Branded Sparks from the far south of the courtyard. Players should break off from the main group and kill the sparks while others attempt to distract the hydra. For each spark that manages to reach Ysshi, he will gain a 2% damage boost. (Some sparks appear to spawn directly by the boss and are extremely hard to stop.) When Ysshi's Determined buff reaches 50 seconds left, he will quickly wind up and do an explosion strong enough to down players. This can be avoided by being mounted when it happens, or simply dodging. After the explosion, there is approximately a 50 second window to attack Ysshi before the next invulnerability phase. Breaking the defiance bar is helpful to increase damage and minimize the number of phases before the kill. Once Ysshi is dead, just attack Grag from behind until it's dead, and the rewards are yours! Be careful about the lightning that will begin striking again almost immediately. Tips and Recommendations Zealots can spawn very close to the edges of the Branded area, or on top of the cliff next to the northern vista. For more information on how defiance bars work, see this guide. Despite this being a Path of Fire event, many of the builds that use PoF specializations have relatively little CC. Alacrity is very useful to have in every group as it makes everyone's CCs recharge faster! The main sources of this are chronomancers and revenants. Mesmers: Signet of Humility is the strongest defiance bar CC in the game. If used with Continuum Split, the cooldown is reduced to that of Continuum Split, instead of several minutes. Thieves: Basilisk Venom is highly effective when cast on top of the group. Elementalists: Ice bow 3 and lightning hammer 3+5 are good CC, especially if another person picks them up and doubles the effect. Rangers: The lightning wyvern (from HoT) is good for CC both by itself and when in beastmode. Ranger also has easy access to immobilize through shortbow 4 and the elite skill Entangle. Warriors: Headbutt and Wild Blow (berserker skill) are strong CCs on a short cooldown. Guardians: The hammer is a good CC weapon, and many Dragonhunter abilities are helpful too. Revenants: Most weapons and legends come with at least one hard CC. Necromancers: Don't underestimate soft CC - this class is good for keeping them ticking. For hard CC, flesh golem and reaper shroud 5 work well. Engineers: Big Ol' Bomb and rifle 4 are some of the strongest CC, with the class in general having access to a wide variety.
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  10. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    And here is the my upgraded microphone for the past few months.
  11. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    Better late than never, I suppose. Here is my Gaming PC, Ice Cube, which I've been using for almost a year now.
  12. Destiny 2

    Might pick up Destiny 2 on PC eventually.
  13. What are you listening to currently?

    Guardians of the Galaxy music FTW! This video probably merits an epilepsy warning.
  14. GW2 "Screenies" :D

    Racing to the top of the Teq Squad guild hall with one veteran and one newbie friend! :D
  15. TTS Training Raids

  16. TTS Training Raids

    Link location has been changed to https://qtfy.eu/guildwars/builds/ Should be able to find what you need there.
  17. TTS Training Raids

    the build link is code 404 broken http://qtfy.eu/builds after preferred guardian berzerker build
  18. What are you listening to currently?

    coworker found this
  19. Destiny 2

    Hey Guys, Missing my EU peeps and everyone else, Was wondering if anyone will be playing Destiny 2 on PC? PM me for battlenet ID swap if so. Keep cutting tequatl off at the knees....if triple trouble has knees i think i would have nightmares. Quack
  20. What are you listening to currently?

    Just some stuff I've been listening to for a little while now. Forgot this thread existed, so I would have posted sooner :^(
  21. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    Nexforces twitter?

    there are light snacks .. for a price
  23. Pink Day in LA

    When someone necroposts a 2 year old topic, and you think it’s new.
  24. Pink Day in LA

    This Saturday, 12PM Central Standard Time: http://pinkday.gamergivingback.com/

    Merv* The Chef was pulled by the network. :^(
  26. WE CURRENTLY NEED: PUMPKINS Please, spend your Candy Corn to buy Pumpkins from the Guild Decoration Merchant. This is the only time of year you can buy them! Greetings fellow members of TTS! It is I, Oldack, Champion Genius. You may know me from such projects as "The loud and annoying orchestra in Tickle's Guild Hall" or "The less loud (but still annoying) Super Adventure Box bridge in Tickle's Guild Hall". I have recently become a Probie, and as such, am now in a position to powertrip use my new-found influence to try and get yet MORE decorations for Tickle! However, my design sense, and wallet full of money, are sadly lacking, and as such, I come to you now, asking for help. Introducing: The Tickle decoration Squad! (or TTS for short) Are you possessing of a marginally above average sense of style? Do you have more than 7 copper in your wallet? Do you care about making Tickle's Guild hall look needlessly cool? Then your Guild Needs YOU! I am looking for any and all volunteers that want to help contribute to decorating Tickle's amazing Guild Hall. This will mainly be coordinated through our lovely, yet unused, Discord Channel, because, let's be honest, noone else is using it much. What's that? You don't want to sign up to help place decorations? I still need you! Scribing in GW2 needs the support of the whole clan, especially for holidays! If you have ANY spare scribing Materials, such as lumber cores, or pristine feathers, please deposit them in the Guild Bank, or send to Michael.8931 If you're feeling extremely generous, raw materials, especially Coarse Sand and Linseed Oil, are always in demand. Current Project: HalloweenTown! We're going to try and get a place of the Guild Hall set aside for Halloween Decorations, just like our current SAB area. Future Projects: Skimmer race course Better Jumping Puzzles Hedge Maze/ Maze Christmas Area of Guild Hall Raptor/Jackal racecourse Temple to the Human Gods Temple to Caudecus Temple to PALAWA JOKO Commander Statues.
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