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    TTS Members, As programs such as Slack and Discord gain popular use, we find it no longer necessary to host these forums, as they are no longer the best avenue for providing you with information. For those reasons, we are disabling posting and archiving the forums. Thanks, Erik
  3. Forum Archive Imminent

    Unfortunately not, the best you could do is click the "source" button and keep a version of that as well as a standard copy and paste. It's an arduous process. We're looking at redirecting the forums and shutting them down in December. We believe that 2 months is an adequate time frame.
  4. HoT Mastery Points needed

    I'm a long time player of GW2, having started playing a few months after launch, but for some reason, I was not fond of the HoT expansion, so I did not play it much, just barely enough to get my primary character through the Living Story chapters in those maps. I have gotten all, or almost all of the easy to medium hard mastery points available by doing map completion and the bare minimum to complete the Living World story, but I'm still needing about 36 to 42 mastery points, to complete all the mastery tracks for HoT, and unlike PoF and Central Tyria, it is much more difficult to acquire those last 40 to 50 mastery points solo, as they require timed kills, not being hit by certain bosses, repeated runs through story content, etc. I'm writing this message to ask if any other TTS members are in the same boat as myself, who would like to set up some group play times and dates, to work toward getting your missing HoT mastery points. I hope that there are a few of you interested in joining me on this journey, even if it is only one day/night a week (or month), for a couple hours. I also hope that some members are still checking these forum posts, as there is very little activity here. So, if you are interested in helping me out, or need the mastery points for HoT maps yourself, please send me a message here, in GW2 chat, or in GW2 mail. Thanks for your time reading this. AmigaDave.5623 Ahkima Tal (primary toon)
  5. Forum Archive Imminent

    Is there a recommended/easy way to save a thread as a pdf or something of that nature?
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