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  2. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    And a little something I bought for my birthday. Fun fact: It's the first Nintendo System I've owned since the Gameboy Advance.
  3. Show Off Your Most Recent Purchase

    Just some random novelty items. Nothing to see here.
  4. TTS Training Raids

    Is there any chance we can have an advance training of individuals who want/need to learn green duty at Dhuum including myself?
  5. OCE Training Raids - Update

    Is there any chance we can have a training of individuals on green duty at Dhuum?
  6. [NA] Trust Issues recruitment

    Wish i could join, especially seeing as my raid group disbanded last week.
  7. [NA] Trust Issues recruitment

    Hi all, Trust Issues is looking for 2 members to join the team. We currently raid on Monday’s at 5pm - 8pm UTC sharp and have also been running on Wednesdays at the same time if we don’t get all done. We are a full clear team (will have Dhuum on farm soon enough) and are looking for people who are experienced and can pull their own weight. Multi class is preferred but we need competent chronos (not to say we don’t have currently......saber and mindset you’re awesome â¤ï¸) and dps. We try to keep it fun and relaxed but always making sure to focus when needed.......also occasionally we meme and kill our own for the luls. Shoot me an ingame mail at jprescott.8601 if you’re interested with your experience and feel free to drop into teamspeak on Monday. Thanks!
  8. What are you listening to currently?

    and the original
  9. The Teq Squad Guild Missions

    The Teq Squad Guild Mission time change. It will now start at 6:00PM UTC starting on March 11th, 2018. For those that live in North America and does Daylight Saving, your local time doesn't change. It will still be 2:00pm EDT1:00pm CDT12:00pm MDT11:00am PDT
  10. OCE has a new Probie. Welcome Gorzon!

    I am terrible at making good sandwiches . I can provide an evil cup of coffee though (and cake, of course)
  11. OCE has a new Probie. Welcome Gorzon!

    Congrats, and hope you're good at making sandwiches.
  12. OCE has a new Probie. Welcome Gorzon!

    Too late to hide (What did I get myself into )
  13. Congratulations!! (interesting title btw )
  14. A giant welcome to the team to Gorzon, OCE's new Probie
  15. Congratulations to Oldack on becoming OCE's newest Commander.
  16. Just an update, we need another dps (or multi) player to fill the roster full time. Still raiding 10:30 - 12:30 eastern time.
  17. TTS Legendary Raffle version 2.0

    Ok, i'll let my fractal friend where to send it.
  18. TTS Legendary Raffle version 2.0

    if they want to I guess.
  19. TTS Legendary Raffle version 2.0

    Non-tts member can send their entries and be qualified as participant for the raffle?
  20. TTS Legendary Raffle Another year, another big raffle by TTS. But this time, it will be different from the previous one. There will be 3 prizes to be won. The Flameseeker Prophecies (Value of 1900g) Weapon Skin Package. (Tormented Shield Skin, DayDreamer's Shield, Dagger, Hammer and Short Bow, Abaddon Sword Value of 474g) Home Instance Nodes (Orrian Truffle and Omnomberry Harvesting Node Value of 330g) How to enter: Each entry is 2g and there’s unlimited entries. In game mail Nexforce.1654 or Nexforce.9305 with your account name (name.1234) Any entries without or incorrect account name will be counted as a donation, and not be part of the entry. Prizes: As mentioned above, there are 3 different prizes. There will be 3 winners. Once you win a prize, you can't win another one. Of course the drawing will be done live, and it will be transparent to anyone interested. So the more entries you enter, the more chances of winning getting the first place prize. Deadline: The raffle will run for 4 weeks. Start date will be from Feb 16th until March 10th 4AM UTC (After March 9th, Friday NA raids). List of entries: http://goo.gl/NXxS6H
  21. HI Everyone, OCE is excited to announce that we have changed things up and changed the calendar around. We will be trialing a new plan where we rotate some of the events each week. As always the calendar can be viewed at http://ttsgamers.com/event-calendar So overall the calendar will be : Monday: Path of Fire Events (Rotating each week ) Tuesday: Change around Tuesday (Events may include Current Events, Fractals, Dungeons, Community Suggested or some other fun thing we come up with at the time) Wednesday: Heart of Thorns Events (Rotating between Dragon Stand and King of the Jungle) Thursday: Classic Events - Tequatl, Karka Queen, Triple Trouble, Shatterer Sundays: Training Raids As always we welcome any feedback that the community has on this. This change will start as of Monday 12th February. See you in game soon, Meggly
  22. Nvidia Graphics Tuning and Performance Guide

    https://www.wagnardsoft.com/ Recently I experienced some crashes with Guild Wars 2 after updating my video drivers. After rolling it back, it seems that it would not fix the problem. I used DDU and did a full uninstall and reinstall and it seems to have fixed the problem. Just putting this out there in case it helps.
  23. OCE Events 10 Feb

    Hi All unfortunately events are cancelled for tonight but we will be back full of fun on Monday. Thanks Meggly
  24. Hidden trophies in Terror

    nice work Sekkira!
  25. Hidden trophies in Terror

    I have hidden 3 Season 4: Bronze Guild Challenger Trophies around the Terror guild hall. They aren't in anywhere tricky, like hiding in somebody's decorations, just standard guild hall terrain. I also don't have anything worthwhile to give if you do find them, but if you want kudos, then when you find them, you'll get some!
  26. Serpent's Ire Guide

    Updates will be made shortly to reflect changing strategies and more specific skill recommendations.
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