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  3. What are you listening to currently?

    Just some stuff I've been listening to for a little while now. Forgot this thread existed, so I would have posted sooner :^(
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  5. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    Nexforces twitter?

    there are light snacks .. for a price
  7. Pink Day in LA

    When someone necroposts a 2 year old topic, and you think it’s new.
  8. Pink Day in LA

    This Saturday, 12PM Central Standard Time: http://pinkday.gamergivingback.com/

    Merv* The Chef was pulled by the network. :^(
  10. WE CURRENTLY NEED: PUMPKINS Please, spend your Candy Corn to buy Pumpkins from the Guild Decoration Merchant. This is the only time of year you can buy them! Greetings fellow members of TTS! It is I, Oldack, Champion Genius. You may know me from such projects as "The loud and annoying orchestra in Tickle's Guild Hall" or "The less loud (but still annoying) Super Adventure Box bridge in Tickle's Guild Hall". I have recently become a Probie, and as such, am now in a position to powertrip use my new-found influence to try and get yet MORE decorations for Tickle! However, my design sense, and wallet full of money, are sadly lacking, and as such, I come to you now, asking for help. Introducing: The Tickle decoration Squad! (or TTS for short) Are you possessing of a marginally above average sense of style? Do you have more than 7 copper in your wallet? Do you care about making Tickle's Guild hall look needlessly cool? Then your Guild Needs YOU! I am looking for any and all volunteers that want to help contribute to decorating Tickle's amazing Guild Hall. This will mainly be coordinated through our lovely, yet unused, Discord Channel, because, let's be honest, noone else is using it much. What's that? You don't want to sign up to help place decorations? I still need you! Scribing in GW2 needs the support of the whole clan, especially for holidays! If you have ANY spare scribing Materials, such as lumber cores, or pristine feathers, please deposit them in the Guild Bank, or send to Michael.8931 If you're feeling extremely generous, raw materials, especially Coarse Sand and Linseed Oil, are always in demand. Current Project: HalloweenTown! We're going to try and get a place of the Guild Hall set aside for Halloween Decorations, just like our current SAB area. Future Projects: Skimmer race course Better Jumping Puzzles Hedge Maze/ Maze Christmas Area of Guild Hall Raptor/Jackal racecourse Temple to the Human Gods Temple to Caudecus Temple to PALAWA JOKO Commander Statues.

    Will there be a live demonstration from Merf the Chef?

    Yes...depending on your definition of Light

    will light snacks be provided?


    Hello all! PAX is happening in two weeks! HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE! TTS will be present and what better way to experience PAX and be social than to meet up with your own guild? =D. If you're interested in a RL meetup, please fill out the below form: https://goo.gl/forms/B6nCFAJ6ulufx0EW2 Hope to see you guys and gals there! Any questions, feel free to ask below =). Cheers -Merf
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  17. Introducing your brand new Probie - Oldack!

  18. Introducing your brand new Probie - Oldack!

    You win the funniest introduction ever.
  19. Hi all! I am honoured to be chosen as your new Probie Commander! There's only been two sentences too far and already there are too many exclamation marks! Three Facts about me: 1) I live in NZ, land of Hobbits, and Holes, and Hobbit Holes. 2) I am genuinely horrible at doing most things in GW2 3) I put down most of the decorations in Tickles Guildhall, which explains why it looks so bad. I hope to proudly lead you all into failure and off a cliff soon! :D
  20. [Assistance Required!] Auric Basin Guide

    Just this Columbus Day weekend alone I saw 1 burn South Octovine to crit but those that armored up deactivated and left the frogs wipe out anyone who was there. I am very sure WR could have happened that day as well as mes port North Octovine with and without PoF skills.
  21. Stuff updated

    Its still grey!!!

    [NA] Im looking for a raid squad. I dont have problem with the time schedule as long as it will not pass 12 midnight in my timezone. About experiece Ive already finished the escort one. And have some experience fights with the other bosses. I just want to slowly learn the raid thingy with a perma raid squad that i can run every week/reset. About classes i havent touch any on my toons build rn coz im waiting for the pve build to come out because of the new elite spec. Thank you.
  23. Stepping Down

    See You Space Cowboy.
  24. me-mes

    i dont know why they added this
  25. TTS Pokemon General Thread!

    https://imgur.com/gallery/VzDJV https://imgur.com/gallery/uE4sy
  26. Stepping Down

  27. Stepping Down

    With a heavy heart, I am announcing my resignation as a commander for TTS. It was a long, hard decision, but I sadly just don’t have the time commitment to be a commander anymore, and it isn’t fair for anyone, especially my fellow commanders who are constantly left wondering if and when I will ever be around. My work schedule is night based and inconsistent, and life just may be changing a lot soonish, so stepping down is just what needs to be done for now. The past year and a half has meant the world to me. It is through TTS and being a commander that I have met lifelong friends and more. I won’t be disappearing from TTS altogether, and I’ll still help out at events when I am around, but I want you all to know what a pleasure it has been to be a commander for all of you guys in TTS. It is a great community we are apart of. Feel free to shoot me a whisper, mail, or yell in one of the guilds. It was a hard decision, maybe just a little bit emotional right now... but life just comes first. Stay awesome guys, and don’t go silent on me! With all my love, Addy Winchester Your Taimi Commander
  28. Guide Master Post (WIP)

    Break bar guide has been added to the master guide post.
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