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  4. Niiice. Thanks a lot for your support Nexforce!
  5. The sky is just absolutely beautiful. I wanna take some effects to my pics.
  6. I can send invites to the TTS raid slack. I just need an e-mail. PM me via forums.
  7. When u get the chance send me a pm or an igm with ur e-mail so we can invite you to slack. It's just a phone app, so should be no problem to install. cya
  8. Hi LazySummer, Get on slack, I made a group where we are putting people together and getting ready for our first raid. We will discuss all those things, don't worry. I will figure out if I can send you the invite or if it has to be Merf. Cheers
  9. Hi Torac, I am interested in a static group for weekly clears. I've cleared every encounter multiple times through LFGs, but I've never tanked or hand kited in xera & deimos so I would like to learn those roles if possible. Here are my classes: - Power/Condi Elementalist (I mainly play this in PvE, also looking to set up a Magi heal Ele so I can use it to hand kite / serve as 3rd healer in some encounters) - Power/Condi Engineer - Condi PS Warrior - Magi heal Druid - Power / Minstrel Chronomancer - Condi Reaper I live in PST time zone, and I usually don't get home until 7PM PST (2 AM Server Time) on weekdays, but if it's a Friday I may be able to get home earlier. I'm also pretty free on Saturdays and Sundays. My GW2 account is LazySummer.2568. I will need to install Slack, but I've got both Teamspeak and Discord installed. Let me know if there's any questions or info that i missed. Thanks
  10. I would strongly suggest you guys take more screenshots. Hint hint
  11. I thought it was kinda neat how I captured the fireball being spat at my character by the Fire Hydra.... ... and how my character was like "pfff, it's hotter in the Fire Islands"
  12. After watching Baby Driver, I couldn't stop listening to Brighton Rock again.
  13. Excellent I have been added to the TTS raid guild and have sent my email info to Merforga, hope to talk with you soon.
  14. That's good news. We would need u to join us on Slack though, it's chat app that TTS raiding people use. Ask Merfoga for an invite. I'll get u in our slack group so we can start discussing a couple things...
  15. Good evening Torac! I was interested in the static group as well. I have moderate experience so far having killed each boss at least once. I am 2 hearts away from finishing my legendary armor collection! My classes! Warrior - I have the most raid experience with my warrior, I can play all 3 specs (Condi PS, power PS, and Condi zerker DPS) and have fully ascended sets with all infusions updated for the latest patch (save for power PS not sure it's viability until POF launches). Revenant - I have a condi Rev I had built awhile back mostly just for wing 4 but with the recent changes things are looking a lot better! I also have a magi's/minstrel's set for hand kiting but I have had not had the chance to use it as of yet. Character is also fully ascended and infused, and could make a power set easily of it becomes viable again. Thief - Have both power and condition variants, waiting to update gear once some more benchmarks are available. Druid - I recently put together a minstel's druid but haven't raided on it as of yet but it is fully geared if needed. The raid times would work perfect for me and any day of the week works. I am newer to GW2 raiding but have been raiding in MMOs since the Everquest days and would love to have a set group heading into POF and beyond. I can't remember the last time I missed a scheduled raid and am very motivated to continue raiding. If you have any questions please let me know, thank you! Killdozer.5731
  16. Hello all raiders! We here at the Supernovas (name subject to change >.<) are still recruiting more members for getting our weekly raid boss kills. We are a veteran group that currently runs 2 hour raid sessions, three times a week, with a goal of eventually compressing it into two times a week. We are pretty experienced, sometimes getting 13/13 in a week, but I wish to be able to get a more solid core composition so that we wait around less often and spend more time actually going for the kills! So here's some things we are looking for in our recruits. The first thing is schedule and availability. Supernovas is currently running from 2PM UTC to 4PM UTC, every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. For those not very familiar with timezones, this is 10PM to 12 MN for those who live in West Australia and Southeast Asia, so we hope this is a good timeslot for those who happen to live in these countries. Please carefully assess whether or not this timeslot is convenient for you, as I wouldn't want people to burnout because they forced themselves to stay up too late or to compromise their daily routine too much just to accommodate a video game. The second thing is experience and flexibility. We have been killing multiple bosses for quite a while now, and while we don't mind teaching people about late-game bosses they may not have experience with yet, we do prefer raiders who have been in the raiding scene long enough to have killed a good number of bosses already (around 6-8 across all 4 wings is a good target), AND have at least looked up guides for bosses they don't have yet. Youtube has no shortage of such things. We are also in need of raiders who have experience in some critical raid roles such as Critical Roles: - Chronomancer (Tank or Secondary) - Condition PS Warrior - Magi Druid - Heal Rev for Deimos Niche Roles for Certain Bosses: - Healing Tempest - Condition Mesmer - Condition Necro If you can decently play any of those four critical roles, we are more likely to pick you to run with us in the future. The last thing is commitment. We want the majority of our members to be consistent raiders with a fairly predictable schedule and a strong sense of commitment to the times. Real life will ALWAYS come first, but we would really appreciate players who can readily give 2 hours of their time in a given night for raids for most nights. Commitment is not something that can be determined right away, so this is how it will work should you wish to run with us: 1. Every player who wishes to run with the Supernovas starts out as a filler. These are people who help fill the gaps in our raid composition. Those who can fill any of the four critical roles mentioned above will get first priority when filling the group, with DPS getting filled last. 2. Currently we are almost always in need of fillers while we search for new dedicated members. So if you come to the TTS Raid Channel on Teamspeak during our raid times, odds are there is a role you can fill. 3. Due to the near-term need for a stable group of critical roles (and those who can backup those critical roles), we may prioritize fillers who can play those classes even if they are currently filling in as DPS. 4. Those who fill for the Supernovas more often as time goes on have a greater chance of eventually become a core member. Consistent attendance is key, and while I don't expect 100% attendance even among core members, I certainly expect something much, much higher than say 50:50. 5. We strongly encourage fillers to show up in Teamspeak during our raid times regularly, even if they don't end up filling for the group for that day. Showing up lets us know that you are otherwise available, and that you can commit to our raiding times. This increases your chance of being picked to fill in the future, and of course to eventually become core. Of course we want fillers to be honest when they put their names in Teamspeak during our raid times. Please don't "say" you're available even though you actually aren't just because you want a better chance of getting picked next time. 6. If we notice that a filler fills or shows up enough times in a given span of time (more or less a month), they will be invited to become a core member, whose spot on the group is pretty much guaranteed. Do note that core members ideally play the same role (e.g. Chronotank or Condi PS) whenever we run, but role switching is possible during times of attendance shortages or experimentation. It's worth mentioning that there is nothing wrong with remaining a filler. Sometimes real life gets in the way, or maybe you feel that you don't want to raid as often as we do. That's fine, and you are still more than welcome to fill for us when such needs inevitably arise. Around 1-2 spots on the group will probably remain filler, so feel free to show up when you have the time to run with us! With that said, the main goal of this recruitment thread is to get more core members. So if you have what it takes to raid with us, and you think our SEA time is a perfect match for you, feel free to send me an in-game mail at "iPlayForFree.1524". I may not have the name "Spicca" for much longer, so please don't rely on that name anymore when mailing me. When you do mail me, please let me know what role you can fill and what experience level you have. You can also tell me if you wish to eventually become a core member or if you want to take it more casually as filler. To those who were left out during the first recruitment round, I may have missed your mails the first time, so feel free to send another mail my way if you are still interested in joining the group!
  17. Thanks for your reply Sabre. I like what you just wrote. This is the kinda player I'm looking for, so I would gladly take you to my group. What I recommend for those who haven't killed all the bosses is to take a look at the streamers or videos at YouTube. I learned so much from them. The days aren't really defined yet, but if I could choose myself I would like to make this early in the week, and it would be probably 2 days a week at first.
  18. Earlier
  19. Hi all, Please note both NA and OCE training raids will be cancelled tomorrow. Enjoy the PoF beta!
  20. Heya, Torac! I'll post my info on here. Also, are you on Slack? That would help a bunch with ready checks, link-sharing, tips, etc. Anyways... I've killed 12/13 so far (still gotta get that Deimos, but it's the one fight I have yet to learn - I would be willing to create a heal rev for hand kiting as well, but it's a role I'd learn from scratch); I've also had consistent 10/13 clears for some weeks. Classes I play: I can do all three support roles (PS war; Chrono - either tanking or not; Healing Druid). The chrono is the one I'll gear up with legendary gear. I'm inexperienced with tanking but it is a role I do want to learn more in-depth, and I do believe I've killed nearly every boss as the healer at least once. For DPS classes, I had set up two different Daredevil builds, power Tempest with a possibility for condi, a condi Ranger and a condi Reaper. I intend to keep my builds updated as time goes by. But of course, it'll take time to adjust once the new specs + the update qT meta comes out. The time mentioned is perfect for me nearly every day. Would like to start earlier on Thu & Fri, but I'm willing to compromise if the group needs to start at later times.
  21. Hello Everyone, I want this post to be straightforward so I'm going right to the point. Recently, I noticed there's a lack of NA/PAC static raid groups in our guild which opens a window for players to come together and fill up the gap. Therefore, I would like to step up and gather experienced players to join me and get consistent raid clears weekly. Those wing clears are suppose to start somewhere between 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM server time and last for 1:30 to 2:00 hours. I will quickly introduce myself for those who don't know me: Most people in TTS know me as Torac, which was my main character when I first joined TTS. A long time ago I used to help TTS teaching people dungeons and leading some of the world bosses. For quite a few time I used to be the guy filling up spots for people that couldn't show up for Merfoga's and Bright's group. I am super a chill guy and easy going person, I like to learn new stuff and try out different strategies for whatever game style I play. As much as I am a nice guy I also want to make sure this raid group works out so I expect you to be nice and respectful not only to me but to the whole group. So here's is the plan... Who I am looking for: -You must have knowledge about all bosses mechanic wise -You should preferentially be able to fill more than 1 role (i.e. dps and heal/dps and chrono/ you name it) -You must be familiar with the classes you play (there shouldn't be such a thing as I can tempest on Sabetha but I can't do canons) -You must be familiar with rotations for the classes you play I also want to point out that the focus here are the mechanics for each one of the bosses. The mechanics are more important than the dps you can put out (provided your dps is not ridiculously low). So if you feel like you are a good fit for this static group please write down: -a very brief description of your level of experience (no need to mention LI number) -classes you are able play -time that works better for you So that's it. I hope we can get this group going and get clears and also have fun together. Cheers, Torac
  22. Strutting along Cliff's Edge
  23. Well, it's been a long time in thought, 

    However I'm now officially leaving TTS as a whole.

    I don't have any problems with any of you and not one person fueled this thought process.

    I've just come to the conclusion, it's a lot safer for everyone if I'm no longer around the guild(s).

    I've met some amazing people over the year I've been here, did some awesome events in and outside of this game,

    made some awesome friends, and guild mates. Even met my girlfriend through this community.

    Though, now it's time for me to leave.


    Good luck with expansion everyone, and I wish you all the best.


    Cheers, and sorry this is good bye.


  24. Special shoutout to @Aeseld and Felix for helping we get this far! Level 56, woo!
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